There is a lot that lies behind happiness and creativity. One thing that is a contributing factor to our wellbeing is our levels of dopamines. There are different ways to get a dopamine release, and that means there is a lot we can do to improve our mental health. However, there are some not-so-good triggers, as well.

Moderation is your friend

Most things in life are done best with moderation. Gambling on online casino’s is not inherently a bad thing, and if you enjoy gambling, you should continue to enjoy it. But that is, as long as you actually do enjoy it.

Dopamine release from gambling

A significant reason why many people gamble and play video games is that it triggers a release on the dopamines. It tells our bodies and our mind that we should continue to do this because it makes us feel good. The points, money, items or whatever we receive when playing is what triggers the reward system in our brains.

Don’t subdue to your dopamines

While it is essential to listen to your body and its signals, it’s also important to remember that you are the conscious being who makes the decisions. Listening does not mean blindly following.

The easy way

As you can see here, there are plenty of online casino’s making it easy to play just about whenever we feel like it. On the phone or the computer, we can play at home, on the way to work if we take a bus or a train, on our breaks. This is why it easily can become an addiction. If we find ourselves in a low point in our lives, and online gambling gives us a break from that gloomy feeling we are well on our way to an unhealthy gambling habit.

Creativity boosts dopamines

Sunshine, music, tasty foods (especially foods high on protein), yoga are some of the things that make our dopamines tick. Being creative, like knitting, sewing, painting, cooking, to name a few examples, also helps to keep our dopamine levels on a healthy level.


Dopamines boosts creativity

It also goes the other way around. Dopamines is what makes us curious. Curiosity is highly linked to happiness, and it sparks our interests in things, our problem-solving skills and our creativity.

Spend your dopamines wisely

So while gambling is okay to keep as a hobby, be mindful. And make sure that you feed your dopamines, and that you get fed by dopamines from other sources as well. You don’t want to be dependent on something that could possibly make you go bankrupt.

We are the creators

And what you create is entirely up to you. But it’s important to remember that a dopamine addiction is very real, and it can take away chances were you could create something for yourself. Be it a company, art, music, a book – or simply, a life that is on your own terms.