Threads of surrealism in Rob Woodcox photographs

Houston-born surrealist portrait and fine art photographer Rob Woodcox threads reality with dreams in his photographs. He uses his camera to find vivid threads in each of the images that he captures. These images are used then to take the reality and incorporate surrealism that becomes dreamlike to the viewer. Each of Rob Woodcox’s concepts come from his own experience and need to tell a meaningful story in each of the images. None of his photographs appear to be exactly as they seem. Each one takes the viewer to a new place, challenging them to see into the surrealism that is each portrait and deicide for themselves what the message might be. He also has a way with the colors that are used to make each of the photographs come to life. The vividness of colors draw the viewer to different points of the photographs before seeing the entire frame. On top of his photography, Rob Woodcox works to bring awareness to specific issues that he is passionate. He is currently doing a three year photography project where he is traveling across the U.S. and around the world. This passion project is focused on weaving the threads of human experience he witnesses with the social issues that affect many.

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