Now more than ever, there’s a need to explore the options of the games and activities you can play within the comfort of your own home. In an age in which people are spending more time within a home environment, for whatever reason that may be. There has unsurprisingly been an increase in the demand for board games and living room based activities.

Market reports are expected to reveal between 15-25% increase in sales in both new board games and classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble with people returning to skill / thought based games such as Chess and Bridge also. Aside from actual board games, you can also able to claim bonuses by visiting NetEnt casino.

Although board game sales are expected to have surged recently, there has been a fair share of complications for the companies behind designing and manufacturing the games. This is mainly due to public demand shifting over recent years to new forms of ‘techy’ and interactive games in 2020s ‘digital new normal’.

The benefits of playing board games are significant, such as engagement with them increases brain function allowing players to ‘exercise’ their brains. The impact of this in the short term is mental sharpness, in the long term – mentally challenging games such as Sudoku have been shown to reduce the occurrence of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimers and Dementia. Also, the co-operative nature of many home played board games allows bonding between family and friends which might not take place if they, for example, were playing solo player computer games or reading. Not that these other pastimes are being knocked, but it’s important to recognise the positives where possible. Also, compared with going out to a bar or paying for an attraction, games which you can play at home offer a cheap alternative and a relatively low carbon footprint when compared with driving somewhere for an activity, as movement is usually at a minimum.

We thought it would be pretty fun to put together a short list of our top 10 games which can be played at home:

  • Monopoly: The age old Hasbro proerty game which causes family feuds.
  • Cluedo: Whodunnit? Was it Col. Mustard with a wrench in the library?
  • Cards for Humanity: The crudest of card games, goes well with a glass or two.
  • Chess: One for the more intellectual members of society!
  • Pictionary: Charades inspired drawing based guessing game
  • Operation: Do you have a steady enough hand to rival a surgeon?
  • Mouse Trap: The crazy rodent catching game (don’t worry, it’s humane!)
  • Checkers: Otherwise known as Draughts, this strategy game is for 2 players
  • Civilization: A New Dawn. Rule empires with this strategy game!
  • That’s what she said. A game of twisted Innuendos…

So if you find yourself stuck at home during a weekday, weekend or rainy afternoon. You know you can count on these top board games and activities. They will help you relieve your boredom, save you some much needed cash, have positive effects on your personal relationships (unless you break out into any game related competitive arguments) and give your brain a helpful workout. What’s not to like?!