Books, Courses, and Practice Tests to Use for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

Studying for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is like hitting two birds with one stone. The training path tests your professional attitude and harnesses your technical capacity at the same time. To make your progress more effective, it’s recommended that you have a clear direction of your goals. Using the right set of materials is the first step. So, here are the best resources for your upcoming Microsoft assessment that will surely direct you to Author: DALTON E : Azure Administrator Associate certification.

1. Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Ref AZ-104 (by H.Patel, M. Washam, J. Tuliani, S. Hoag)

The ultimate reference for Author: KYLAN R is no other than the official exam ref for AZ-104. This book comes with 512 pages, consolidating all the skills necessary for a competent Azure Administrator. Utilizing this material allows you to get the knack of core tasks such as governing identities, implementing storage, and configuring different Azure resources. However, this will be available by December 28, 2020, because AZ-104 is a recent exam. Technically, it’s an update of AZ-103, which will be retired on August 31, 2020.

2.     Free learning path for AZ-104

If you want to kick off your Author: LENNOX T as soon as possible, get help from the training materials offered by Microsoft. This also helps you assess the list of prerequisites needed for Azure administrators. Once you accomplish the requirements, you can start tracking down the topics that are broken down into different modules.

3.     Paid training course

Another impeccable way to study for the exam is by availing the instructor-led course AZ-104T00-A. With the leadership of an expert, you can maneuver each objective comprehensively. Each module features both lessons and labs to ensure you put into action what you’ve learned throughout the discussion. This runs up to 4 days, so you have to allocate time to complete the course. Likewise, you can add Author: REAGAN Y into your preparation to get more insights about Azure administration used for AWS SysOps.

4.     AZ-104 Official Practice Test

Whilst the virtual world is crowded with several testing materials, only a few are reliable. Many aren’t up to par with the real exam pattern. To save you from imprudent decisions, opt for the official Author: TOMASZ U . This is a profound material that trains your abilities and boosts your confidence through a collection of functional mock questions and detailed answers. To top it all, it provides an instant score summary to encourage you to study harder and achieve a better score.

5.     Analytiq Tech’s AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Seal the deal with another practice test material from Author: TYMON I . This material offers you more than 200 test questions, each of which featuring real answers, reference links, and solid explanations. Also, it mimics the pattern, time limit, and passing rate of the real AZ-104 so you are more than ready to sit the real assessment.


It’s great luck the there are options to choose from to prepare for your Author: VINNY O . Your success will depend on how effective you organize your prep process. The list above is highly recommended, but of course, the decision is yours to make. You may add or deduct training and testing materials according to your preferences. In a nutshell, you simply choose study resources and practice tests that you are comfortable with. After all, every person has his/her own way to become a Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.