Finnish producer JORI SJÖROOS shares ‘Goth Perreo’ single

Label head and multi-award-winning producer JORI SJÖROOS has released GOTH PERREO”, taken from his upcoming album SJÖROOTS on the 27th of November via 11 ONES.

The renowned producer has won more than 10 Finnish Grammys (Emma-Award), the Finnish Performance Rights Organization Award, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture Award and has composed and produced albums that have gone on to sell more than 600 000 copies worldwide. 

While he is currently based in Porvoo, Finland, JORI SJÖROOS grew up a few hours away in the small town of Turku and spent some time living in London in the nineties, sending demos to the local labels. The Finnish musician finds inspiration in a diverse range of artists, citing the likes of FKA Twigs, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins and Massive Attack. However, GOTH PERREO draws parallels to some of the more experimental stylings of Bjork, Aphex Twin, μ-Ziq and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Mixing the eloquent and classical vocals of Chisu with distorted and enhanced electronic beats, JORI SJÖROOS chooses to continuously challenge listeners, taking unexpecting turns in style refusing to conform to any expectations for the music. GOTH PERREO, aptly named and dramatically gothic in all the right notes, manages to meld dark and light together in a revolutionary way. 

JORI SJÖROOS tells us about the inspiration for “GOTH PERREO”, “I was jamming with a reggaeton beat and wanted to push it as dark as possible. I had this image of 2 people twerking each other in a dark club built in a church made of stone. I needed some classic vibes for the song so I requested opera vocals from my wife who’s an artist and an extraordinary singer. I’m inspired by the freaky Latin American underground reggaeton/dancehall movement called “Neo Perreo”, and as a fan, I wanted to do my own “Perreo” which became “GOTH PERREO”.”

Tune in below!