Retratos, Spanish for pictures. Artist Alejandra Atarés fills the frames of her paintings with bright punches of color. She herself has bright colored hair, pink in her biography photo. She creates works like her retratos in Barcelona. Each portrait features a girl. Some are even famous. The woman looks out at the scene in front of her, and the viewer only sees the back of her from the waist up.

The women, including Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, are in the center of the textured paintings. They wear colorful and crazy patterned shirts and sweaters. Their glossy hair is off of their backs. In front of them lie scenes of seas, palm trees and flowers.

The more you look the portraits, the more you want to join them – whatever the location.

Alejandra Atarés 1 Alejandra Atarés 2

imageAlejandra Atarés 3 Alejandra Atarés 4  Alejandra Atarés 7 Alejandra Atarés 8 Alejandra_Atare_s_5

All artwork is by Alejandra Atarés.