6 Must-Have Kitchen Items For Every Householder

A well-stocked kitchen makes light work of cooking and enables you to create loads of different dishes with ease. Forget about pointless gadgets that you see advertised in the back of free catalogues – you know the stuff – complicated egg slicers, high-tech cheese graters and other things that you would only use once and then allow to gather dust in the back of your cupboard. There are certain must-have items that every kitchen should contain.

How many of these do you own?


Obviously, this is only relevant to the coffee drinkers that are reading this article, but owning a decent coffee maker is a real game-changer. If you regularly drink coffee then you might want to work out just how much you spend on a daily or weekly basis. A lot, right? The problem is, coffee machines are expensive, and if you buy one that takes pods then it’s not great for the environment either. An easy solution to this, is to purchase an AeroPress. These coffee makers not only make coffee shop-standard coffee but they’re also inexpensive. No kitchen is complete without one. Unless of course, you’re a staunch tea drinker.

2.Deep Fryer

This suggestion may raise a few eyebrows as it’s not particularly a healthy option. It is, however, a really tasty option. Owning a deep fryer means that you will never have to eat dreadful frozen chips again. Your fish and chicken in breadcrumbs will have a beautiful golden tone, perfect crunch and incredible flavour. Take a look at the deep fryers reviewed in the Unclutterer website.

3.Food Processor

How do people survive without a food processor? Not only are they dead simple to use, but they can make homemade soups, smoothies, sauces and dips that taste off-the-scale. You will never again buy shop-bought pesto and hummus after you’ve made your own from fresh ingredients. Food processors aren’t expensive either, so they’re super accessible for all households.


Fresh juices cost a fortune if you buy them from the supermarket, and the thing about most juices, is that they are pasteurized to keep them fresh – which means that they lose all their goodness before they reach your lips. Juicers aren’t so expensive and enable you to create fantastically-healthy concoctions in no time at all. They also provide a great way of using up overripe fruit and soft veg that needs eating up fast.

5.Knife Sharpener

How many people out there own a knife sharpener? Be honest now…

If you own a decent set of knives then you will 100% need an equally-decent sharpener to keep them in tip-top condition. A kitchen is nothing without sharp knives. There are different types of knife sharpeners on the market, so you should do your research first and see what would be most compatible with the knives that you own.

6.Digital Food Thermometer

Every professional kitchen will have a digital food thermometer but not many households contain these vital tools. Cooking is a science and certain dishes need to be cooked at the correct temperature to ensure that they are baked or fried perfectly. Never fully trust the temperature on an oven – a digital thermometer will give you a much more accurate reading.

Not every kitchen needs every gadget or popular kitchen item cluttering the cupboards. The truth is, that certain recipes need specific tools to make them work. If you want deliciously-crunchy fish cakes then you will need the deep fryer, a silky-smooth vegetable soup then you will need the food processor. If you like to experiment with different recipes then you’ll have to invest in the tools to be able to create them – and then it’s all down to you. Have fun!