Regulus Red shares new single and debut EP

October 23rd sees Italian-Welsh singer Regulus Red return with the release of “The House Of God”, off his debut EP, Red Prince of The Night, also out the same day.

Where recent single “Body Rock” had a euphoric and upbeat feel to it, “The House Of God” is it’s darker, sleeker counterpart. The soaring synths are still present, but this time they’re warping, mutating and wrapping themselves around Regulus Red’s seductive vocals, whose lyrics tackle a sickly sweet & toxic romance.

Both the aforementioned singles as well as previously released “I Wanna See You Naked” feature on Red’s debut EP, Red Prince of The Night. The singer has also written a short story to accompany the project, which he commented on below.

“Red Prince of The Night is the story of a prince who through sorrow and pain found power. Life is an intense fairytale and this EP is the prologue of my life. I hope you can appreciate the choice of sounds and lyrics that I created with the help of my friend and composer Future Humans. Red Prince Of The Night is the frame of who I am. And now it’s your turn to dive in”.

Watch the video below and follow Regulus Red here.