Three Ways to Enjoy Your Afternoon in Shoreditch

One of the great aspects of being in and around Shoreditch is the amount of different things to do. We all have our own little escapes, secret hidden gems and places we simply must visit.

These are all great, but those new to the area or here for a day visit will be unlikely to have the kind of local knowledge needed to find some places. Instead they are looking for general aspects of Shoreditch life to enjoy during their short stay here.

Choices are aplenty and much depends on what your own personal interests and hobbies are. However, if you are looking for a starting point then here are three ways in which you can enjoy your afternoon in Shoreditch.

The Vibrant Pub Scene

It is fair to say that one of the big draws of Shoreditch with many people is because of the vibrant pub scene that is on offer.

We have a wide range of pubs available, from those who want to try craft beer to small and friendly locals and of course sports bars that offer the best in live sport on their TV screens.

This is the perfect setup for gamblers who enjoy a wager on sporting events, you can enjoy your day in Shoreditch while keeping up with the action. This may be regular betting, or it could be matched betting which is a betting free technique that guarantees profit when done correctly.

However you gamble, sport is not too far away if you want it to be thanks to the range of great bars showing the action in the area. From local teams to internationals and a variety of sports, Shoreditch has sports fans covered.

Coffee Shops Aplenty

If beer and the sporting action isn’t your style and you would much prefer a quieter drink then you will be pleased to know that Shoreditch has a number of quaint and very appealing coffee shops for you to visit.

There has been a real surge in the number of people going for coffee over the past few years and that has been replicated in Shoreditch.

You don’t just have one coffee shop waiting for you, a number are on offer, so there is nothing stopping you from having numerous pit stops throughout the day to enjoy a coffee, and if you are tempted, maybe a cake to go with it!

Shoppers are attracted by these lovely little areas to stop when they are in need of a break, look out for them as you go up and down the streets of Shoreditch and make sure you go inside to enjoy a brief quiet moment.

Foodie Heaven

Those needing more than a cake to go with their coffee can head to one of the many eateries in the area. If you know you are going to be eating in Shoreditch then keeping up to date with the latest food reviews and news is advisable, so you can get the advantage of local knowledge.

There are many different choices awaiting you in Shoreditch, covering a variety of different cuisines. Of course, we have traditional English dining but you will find many other cuisines on offer, allowing you to choose where to eat based on what it is you want at the time.

Some of the restaurants in the local area have a fantastic reputation for serving high quality food to guests. If you are looking to celebrate an occasion, or just want to treat yourself to a nice meal, Shoreditch has more than enough options for you to try.