Memories Painted in Magic Realism Collection

Digging into the inner consciousness, oil painter Dragan Sekaric Shex depicts visual memories in his Magic Realism collection. Shex’s work merges hard facts with malleable emotions, creating art that feels a bit too familiar.

These paintings are created in ‘sfumato’ style. Sfumato was used in traditional Italian Renaissance art, its meaning deriving from ‘smoke’, ‘soft’, ‘fume’ and ‘vague’. Figures are blurred and skies blend together with the ground. Where the paintings begin and end can be unclear.

The smoky style resonates with Shex’s idea of memories. Faces in the background become forgotten, and key scenes such as the train approaching leave behind a clearer image. Memories are magical, yet they stem from reality — the roots of magic realism.


Source: Shex Art