Naama Guggenheim releases new track ‘Shot In The Air’

‘Shot In The Air’ is a warm composition of soft R&B and soulful whispers, kindling a masterpiece that brims with the perfect mellifluous ambience. Laced with a jazzy undertone, the track’s dreamy melodies are enveloped with Naama’s delicate vocals, with her magical croon expressing the honesty of her lyrics in a beautifully eloquent manner. Unafraid to open up, Naama’s artistry glows with rawness and vulnerability, courageously revealing the inner truths of the heart, and building a profound connection with her listeners. 

Speaking of the release, Naama said: “When you’ve got no back to lean on, it’s time to throw in the towel. This one is the full surrender – the let go. ‘Shot In The Air’ is the moment of truth – do I trust myself enough to go after my dreams? A few beautiful people helped make this intimate gem a masterpiece. As we head towards the album, every song finds its place, but this one will always have a special one for me.

Naama Guggenheim serves a fresh new take on electronic soul music. Naama and her exquisite team have found an inspiring combination of a deep soulful voice, catchy melodies and lyrics followed by a mellow electronic beat. Naama’s lyrics reveal a world of honesty. Her eye catches all and leaves no man behind, not even herself. The direct message is: “A broken heart is an open heart” – Guggenheim’s music is a true map of the heart and so is the artwork that goes along with it. Femininity at the forefront, she opens the door to a sensitively confident world, leaving us no choice but to give in to our inner-voices. 

Born and raised in 3 different continents, she is internationally hugged – repping Tel Aviv, Bern and Cleveland. Artistically influenced by connection, emotion and energy, Naama creates a world of acceptance and honesty where it’s better if you keep everything out in the open. Flaws and all. 
Look out for her highly anticipated album, set to come out in 2021.

Check it out below and follow her here.