5 Things to Do Online When You’re Bored

If you are reading this article, the chances are good that you may be interested in finding your way through a boring day without the need to leave the safety of your house. There are plenty of sites that offer various entertaining activities, and we’ve chosen the five most engaging and creative things to do online.

Draw with AI

Don’t skip this part if you think you’re not good at drawing. Autodraw is an AI-powered tool that can turn anyone into a skilled 2D sketch artist. It uses machine learning to predict what you’re drawing and gives you suggestions as you add more details to your picture. Not only is it a fast way to create graphics, but it is also a fun activity to kill time. You can also switch to simple tools: add shapes, fill image parts with colour, insert text, and create sketches just like you used to do with Microsoft Paint.

Produce beautiful melodies

Have you ever felt as if you were playing the piano when you were typing something? Well, Typatone gives you a chance to imagine yourself as a professional musician. Everything you type in its window turns into sounds, creating a beautiful melody. You can type in text using a screen or actual keyboard or paste it in from a source. Change musical instruments, playback the results, and then share the link to your masterpiece!

Start your own blog

If writing is your cup of tea, why don’t you share your gift with the public? Start a blog on Medium — either personal or professional. You can give tips to the beginners in your niche, share your experience, or just vent about personal stuff. If you’re not ready to start writing just yet, get inspired by reading the stories of other people. This will also keep you busy and entertained.

Learn a new language

If you are on the less creative side, you can choose an educating activity. Lingualeo gives you an opportunity to start learning a new language. You can study the basics of Chinese, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian and fifteen more languages in a fun and efficient way. The service provides you with various exercises to practise reading and listening and enrich your vocabulary. The basic tasks are available for free, but you can purchase the Premium account for the advanced ones.

Create a film

Among other fun things to do online is creating a film. All you’ll need is a bunch of photos or videos and an idea for your project. With Fastreel, you can make a video story about your last holiday, put together all the footage from your wedding or create a birthday greeting video for your best friend. And the most exciting thing is that you don’t need any software installed on your PC — you can do everything right in your browser.

There are plenty of things to do on the internet that you will be able to get into if you take your time and look around for them. There are also dozens of online games, books, music, and other amazing tools for any taste.