Getting Hitched In Shoreditch Style

The irreverent creativity of Shoreditch has given it a burgeoning reputation for top class weddings. The Evening Standard recently featured Shoreditch creative wedding planners in their highlight of the state of the industry, and the industrious nature of local planners, tied with their creativity, is a big part of why the media have chosen to highlight the district. Don’t look to the country or a palatial home when you’re tying the knot – all the inspiration you need is right here in Shoreditch.

The wedding ring

Few weddings are complete without some form of wedding band, although many do now eschew a ring altogether. However, despite the rich history of the wedding ring, wedding band etiquette is varied, and you’ll find ceremonies that have everything from animal bone circles to tattoos constituting an acceptable ring. Shoreditch has its own spin, too. Harper’s Bazaar covered local designer Michelle Oh, who has gained a huge following on Instagram covering her wedding ring boutique located in Workspace | The Frames. Michelle has looked to move away from the classic designs and bring something a little more expressive, unique, and very Shoreditch.

A venue

Shoreditch’s big pulling power is through its unique spaces, and that extends to weddings too. Events planners TagVenue pulled together a list of the best spaces in Shoreditch, and there really is something for every budget and taste. This ranges from The Gallery at JOAN, which ties together a rustic feel with the classic white wedding reception style, to Street Level at Serata Hall, which is cheerful, but not without class. Have a browse, as you really can find any sort of venue you like in Shoreditch.

Adding Shoreditch flavour

What’s Shoreditch all about? lauds its vibrant creative culture, incredible culinary diversity, and a rich cultural heritage. Having your wedding in Shoreditch can help you to capture all of these things. Look to the local area for artistic inspiration on the day; you can include that in the small things, like invites and table wear. Use local food places for catering, and use the amazing old warehouses and buildings for your venues.

Bringing this all together will give you a unique and fun wedding that brings some of the best elements of London. It will be unique, quirky, and entirely your own, and support local businesses to boot. Stay in the district when you’re tying the knot – you won’t be disappointed.