Human body canvas: Vito Francone’s paintings

Self-taught Italian artist Vito Francone is best known for his portraits that are painted directly on the human body. He uses acrylic paint to capture the colors that he wants when he is painting different people. Vito Francone loves the opporunity to paint people he does not know because of the range of canvases the human body can create. After graduating in graphic design, Francone founded “Il corpo anziché la tela”. This founding was due to how he was tired of too much photography and the poor visibility that paintings can have. Francone decided to create an concept art project that interacts both photography and painting. He believes that the two can be a collaborative instrument. Vito Francone is able to have a relationship with the canvas since it is the human body being painted. Each stroke of color is matched to the different subjects that he uses for his different pieces. Through photography he is able to communicate his paintings better so that the art can become more usable. Social networking has been a big key for Francone when it comes to sharing his different live art projects with the world. He believes that art allows someone to create great things that are not able to be expressed in just words. His paintings are another way to find the beauty in the world.

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