Subscription Gift Ideas To Make Lockdown Birthdays More Fun

Subscription services make life a great deal easier.

However, lockdowns have taken their toll on people, dampening days that should be made merry. Some lavish birthday plans have been brought to a screeching halt due to the restrictions, but people have tried to make do anyway. Therefore, attention should be paid to subscription services, a flexible form of instant satisfaction that’s perfect for throwing together a more impromptu birthday.

These services have really brightened not only birthdays, but every day in between them also. This fact alone makes them a great gift idea. They’re a reliable source of comfort, brought straight to the home in good time. If you can pay for the first few months of all that, you will hold a special place in the recipient’s heart, and deservedly so too.

Keep reading to browse some subscription gift ideas that will make lockdown birthdays more fun.

Video Streaming Subscriptions

Subscriptions have been a central pillar of comfort and support during these trying times.

BBC News reported that a fifth of UK homes sign up for video streaming during all the restrictions. Trapped inside, people understandably require an escape. Streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+ provide that release, offering up new faces, worlds, and stories to experience. For a lockdown birthday that otherwise stands to be very restrictive, this kind of fun can be vital.

After all, many people go the cinema with their loved ones as part of their birthday celebrations. Box sets of favourite series and shows are quite common items to expect when unwrapping gifts too. By subscribing to a video subscription service, you and household collective can gather around the television in the evening instead, put the fire on, and enjoy content of every length and genre possible.

Literary Subscriptions

Of course, staring at screens all day isn’t always a great thing, and most people tend to have a video streaming subscription of some kind these days.

A healthy alternative could be a literary subscription, whereby books are delivered to the home in nifty packages. Some providers of this kind of service tailor their books to their reader’s tastes, so if the person you are giving this gift to has a very acute sense of taste in their literature, you have them covered. All it typically takes is a conversation, and after that, an assortment of deliveries will eventually make their way to your loved one’s door just in time for their birthday.

People often resolve to read more, but few of them ever actually do. It’s a common new year’s resolution that flakes away at the first sign of commitment. However, it’s also a missed opportunity in that event, so a literary subscription service on a birthday could be your way of making sure your loved ones stick to their self-help schemes. After all, birthdays are just as good a time for new beginnings as new year!

This is a great idea for any loved ones who are spending their lockdown birthdays alone, and unfortunately can’t entertain any guests. Instead, they can only resolve to entertain themselves, and books are a great way of making that happen!


Whodunit Subscriptions

A dose of fiction is always great, but the written form isn’t confined to books alone.

For example, it is a good idea to browse the deliciously eerie offerings from Mysterious Mail. The aim is intrigue, decoding tiered unsettling posts in the name of fun. Fake yet authentic crime scene reports, video footage, and witness statements stand to be investigated, amongst other forms of riveting evidence. After that, the experience culminates in the delivery of a strange artefact and a final correspondence.

Whether it’s a bonding exercise or a solo ordeal, these ‘hunt a killer’ type of games are sure to provide a few thrills. It’s one big mystery box, keeping participants intrigued over the span of days. This personalised gift can really help to distract from what otherwise might be a quieter birthday, giving a stronger pulse to the party at hand and making it a launchpad of something else. Instead of the birthday boy or girl resigning themselves to a missed occasion, here they have something to really get engrossed in for their birthday and beyond.

Musical Subscriptions

What’s a birthday party without a little music?

Many subscription services specialise in spitting out tunes, sending vinyl records to each home that is registered with them. There’s nothing like a couple of slick crackers to keep a birthday celebration going, so exploring this arena is a sure-fire plan. Whether they’re partying with those in their household or letting loose alone, there’s never a bad time for a tune.

Birthday bops can just bring a bit of normality to an otherwise peculiar celebration also. Music is the eternal mood booster, so a subscription service to something like Spotify or the vinyl offerings can really give your loved one a much-needed lift if they don’t have those already.

Supply Subscriptions

If there’s a product out there, there is likely a subscription for it by now.

Food, grooming products, and a variety of other essential bits and bobs can be delivered to the doorstep in no time at all. If you had the money you could likely live on the services! Still, the idea is gift giving for the sake of birthday fun here, so supplies need to be expertly tailored to the recipient’s needs.

These days, supplies are in short… well, supply! They are the source of great grief for many people out there, struggling to get their hands on the all the things they need. If you can ease that burden, the one celebrating their birthday will be better able to ease up, have fun, and look forward to the future – which is what birthdays are all about!

Often new parents are keenly in need of subscription boxes to sustain their efforts on childcare, covering not only the essentials but things like toys, games, other quirky accessories for their children to enjoy too. If the new parents in your lives are constantly drained by their new roles, some goods to keep their sprogs busy might just help them enjoy their own birthday a little more. Seeing their little ones be so entertained brings plenty of joy on its own merit too!