‘Dusty’ miniature sculptures create commentary on value

Having an obsession with an oddity might be a burden for some, but for British artist Paul Hazelton his particular tick has been the passion fueling his sculpture work using little intricacies found around the house. Based out of Margate, Hazelton tediously constructs mainly miniature sculptures out of none other than what you find in the corner of your house- dust. Stemming from the days of his childhood as he watched his mother’s obsessive cleaning and dusting, Hazelton constructs everyday scenes of life out of the miniature substance and sometimes incorporating cobwebs, hair, and cut paper. “It is an interesting material to use to explore broad and sometimes difficult subjects (such as mortality),” said Hazelton, “as everyone has a relationship with dust, in some way or another.” After growing up in an immaculate household, the artist explores dust as a byproduct and evidence of life to explore areas of value, myths, and mortality.