Top Gaming Movies on Netflix You Must See in 2021

There’s no denying the excitement that comes with casinos. So it’s no wonder that they’re a popular choice for movies packed with action, thrills and suspense. 

If you’re a fan of movies where they play casino games, then we have the perfect list of titles for you. Our expert here, Kate Richards, reveals the top gambling movies on Netflix that you must see in 2021.

Ocean’s Trilogy

If you’re looking for an action-packed, star-studded casino movie, you couldn’t find any better than the Ocean’s trilogy. When a collection of Hollywood’s A-listers band together to pull off the most elaborate and entertaining heists, you certainly couldn’t go wrong. 

As you follow the challenges and thrills, you also get a sneak peek behind the curtain at real-life casino operations.

Eight Men Out

The movie plot covers the scandal surrounding the 1919 World Series, where Chicago White Sox players took bribes to throw the series. This isn’t necessarily considered a typical casino movie, due to its lack of casino and gambling activity. However, it qualifies for this list since sports betting plays such a large role in the story.  

Molly’s Game

On the note of real-life scandals, we have Molly’s Game. This biographical movie tells the story of Molly Bloom. After a horrific accident costing her career as an Olympic skier, she is introduced to the world of underground poker. 

Seeing the potential income to be made, she starts arranging dynamic high-stakes games. Some of her guests included Hollywood’s elite, business people, sports stars and mobsters. After a decade in the game, she finds herself under investigation by the FBI.

Win It All

You’re a gambling addict who’s just found money in a bag that your friend asked you to keep safe–what do you do? Gamble, of course. That’s the exact position that we find Eddie Garret experiencing in Win It All. The first time, he got lucky with a win, but it all went downhill from there. Finding himself more than $20,000 in debt, he embarks on a mission to win back the money before his friend finds out about his activities.


Another fact-based movie for our list is 21. Here we see a college professor who’s trained six gifted students in card counting. The team targets the most impenetrable casinos in Vegas with advanced techniques. With the esteemed professor’s help, they managed to pull off what’s considered one of the biggest casino heists spanning a decade. The challenge increases when greed and arrogance get in the way.

The Hangover

The Hangover is undeniably one of the funniest entries on this gambling movie list, following a group of friends recovering from a bachelor party gone wrong. They travel all over Las Vegas uncovering their adventure from the night before as they try to find the groom. While the gambling activity is limited in this movie, it sure makes for a few good laughs as you get to see Vegas.

Casino Royale

This list wouldn’t be complete without this iconic casino video mentioned. It has all the glitz, action and excitement that you’d expect from the James Bond franchise. Our dashing hero is sent to stop the funding of a terrorist group. He has to play high-stakes poker against the group’s banker to prevent him from winning and escaping. 

Movie Night

Now that you have the top movies to watch out for on Netflix, get your comfy spot ready, popcorn popped and turn off your phone. Whether you opt for an action-packed movie or one filled with laughs, you are in for an entertaining movie night.