The Purpose of Playing the Right Music in Casinos

Nobody hates music and this is why it is everywhere. When you’re at the mall, a restaurant, or a coffee shop, there will always be music. It is not just there for you to listen to but there is a psychology behind this.

Music has its branch of psychology and it is called musicology. This is the study of musical behavior and experience. It has something to do with how people process, perceive, and respond to music. What this just really shows is that people would respond to music. Music could affect the behavior of people.

Music in Casinos

Both online and land casinos use music for a reason. Have you ever noticed that even the lobby of online casinos would already have music that you can listen to? When you play roulette online, you don’t just have a virtual roulette, but there is also music playing in the background.

What you should know is that these places always have to find ways to entice new visitors and keep the customers interested in their services. Yes, they can simply do this by offering the best gaming experience to their players, but there are other ways to this too – like by playing the right music.

Casinos are after creating a relaxing environment for their players and this is why it’s rare for you to find a casino that plays loud music. Most of the time, casinos would use jazz or piano tunes in the lobby because they want to leave a relaxing impression on their players. Some casinos want the vibe of the place to be lively. They don’t only play loud music, but they also play ambient noises. Some casinos would invite artists to perform on the floor to keep their guests entertained.

The calm music that many casinos would play at the lobby is somehow inviting. This type of music would make a place feel luxurious and to some, this could make them feel motivated to spend money. Music can make a place seem like the perfect location to splurge because they may also start to feel lucky.

On an online casino, when you start to play a game, this is when you’ll hear a variety of music. For slot machines, you’ll most likely hear something that would hype you up. Music is then partnered with sound effects that could also affect your overall mood.

If you’ve played slots before, you can agree that the sound of winning is quite heavenly. The music and the sound that plays whenever you hit a line is like someone cheering you on to keep on playing. You will just want to hear the winning sound again and again. And this is why many slot machine players would sit a long time in front of a certain game.

This is Backed by Science

There are studies made on how music affects the behavior of casino players. There was this one study that 101 male and female gamblers participated in. In this study, the participants were asked to gamble while background music is playing.

What this study found is that low-tempo music would make gamblers persistent when it comes to placing their bets. The experts also noticed that the players would place significantly huge amounts of bets as low-tempo music was playing in the background.

When high-tempo music was played, the behavior of the gamblers has intensified. The gamblers also felt a bit more pressured to strategize on how they place their bets. They seem to take their bets more seriously when high-tempo music was playing in the background.


There is simply no denying that music also plays an important role in casinos, whether it’s online or not. Some managers have admitted to playing ambient music and noise to keep the casinos alive even if there were not many people on the floor. Some managers also admitted to manipulating the tempo of certain music because they also believe that it could affect how people gamble and spend their money.

This is why choosing the right music to play is one of the important matters that casinos would look into. It is one of the keys to successfully run a gambling place. And so, the next time that you visit a casino, listen to the music and think of what it makes you feel. Does the music you hear make you feel lucky or ready to spend money? If so, then the casino of your choice has chosen the right music.