Fans Recognise Only Your Pseudonym? It’s Time To Change Your Name!

If your book or blog has gained popularity with your pseudonym and your fanbase associates more with that pseudonym, like Stan Lee, than with your real name, then it might seem like a favourable choice to change your pseudonym to the new real name. This not only helps gain coherence of your identity for the fans but also for yourself. A name change can act as an ego-boosting therapy for a creative mind, encouraging the artist inside to produce more quality work under a name he deems fit for his character and his creation. So don’t think twice; change your name ASAP with these simple deed poll steps.

Apply online

With the advancement of technology, the once complicated procedure of name change is now only a click away. You can order a deed poll online by filling out the appropriate online application form and paying with the secure payment system. If you make the order before 3 PM (Monday to Friday), the probability of your application getting processed and dispatched within two working days is assured.

Upon receipt

Along with the physical deed poll, you’d also receive some copies of the same with an instruction manual. This makes the task less time consuming as you know what to do with each passing step. 

Execute your deed poll

After receiving your deed poll, you simply have to sign, date and have them witnessed as per the instructions provided in the enclosed documents. When you review the document entitled “List of Bodies to Notify”, you’d get an idea about the organizations or individuals you’re supposed to notify about your name change. When you write to them, you should also request them to send the updated documents, such as your driving license and passport.

Declarations of the deed poll

For a successful implementation of your changed name, the deed poll will declare the following three statements: 

You will no longer be using your previous name

 You will always be using your new name

You want other people to address you by your new name

Restrictions on name change

Although you have the right to choose your new name, it should not cause any public offence or infringement of other rights imposed by your state in the country, like the use of a single name such as “JayZ”. One should also have the sense to avoid names that may cause public offence. You cannot add academic titles such as “Dr” to your name if you don’t have the necessary documents to prove its authenticity. It includes titles related to religion and nobility. However, there are no restrictions to the number of times you may want your name to be changed. 

Stay Wary

A name change is a legal matter and should not be taken lightly. With more than one deed poll, you may have to go through as many updates. Your official documents will need to be updated for you to function properly. Although there are some circumstances in which you don’t necessarily need a deed poll for a name change, such as upon your marriage, getting a deed poll might make things faster.


Having your choice of the name comes with certain responsibilities, more so if you’re already an established individual. The power to change one’s name is no doubt a gift for the creative minds, but it also comes with its own share of responsibilities and difficulties.