Stone Countertops: The Best Stones to Use

Stone countertops are the preferred, popular choice among homeowners. Kitchens featuring stone are a focal point of a home and offer a beautiful look. Depending on the stone chosen, you may also benefit from the natural properties of the stone, such as durability, heat resistance and permeability.

Which Stone Is Best for Kitchen Countertops?

If you choose stone kitchen worktops, you’ll need to know what each stone has to offer your kitchen. The three main types of stone used in kitchen countertops are:


Granite is the go-to option for many kitchens because of its beauty and durability. Considered a premier stone, there are multiple levels of quality which add or reduce the price of the material. When you choose granite, you’re choosing a stone that offers:

  • High resistance to scratches or damage
  • High temperature resistance of 480° and likely up to 1200°
  • Speckled or mottled appearance
  • Resistance to bacteria and dirt
  • Add value to a kitchen
  • Sit flat on countertops

Granite should be sealed prior to use and will need to be resealed on occasion to ensure that the small pores don’t allow for food penetration or can be easily damaged. 


Quartzite is another top choice and is known for its high-end durability. You don’t need to worry about the material breaking if you drop a pot on it. Quartzite also:

  • Requires little-to-no maintenance
  • Does require sealing
  • Greater density compared to granite
  • Resistant to UV damage
  • Colour remains the same over time
  • Low porosity makes the countertop stain resistant
  • Highly heat resistant

Keep in mind that quartzite is different from quartz, which is highly durable but not heat resistant above 150°.


A premium, often high-cost choice for countertop material. The look of marble is also unmatched, and the weight can require extra reinforcement if remodelling a kitchen. The downside of marble is that it can easily stain if it’s not sealed adequately.

While hard, marble’s hardness level doesn’t match that of quartzite or granite.

The many benefits of marble include:

  • Easy to cut and shape
  • Heat resistance up to 480°
  • Aesthetically pleasing stone

The heaviness of the stone and its ability to stain may play a role in choosing marble over other countertop material. When installed, marble provides one of the most elegant looks for countertops on the market this year.

Stone countertops offer a great addition to a kitchen, which can add value, beauty and elegance to a kitchen. Choosing the right stone can add to your kitchen’s look, maintenance and longevity.

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