Feeling a bit rusty after lockdown? Here’s 5 ways to up your dating game this summer

If you’re single you’ll agree on two things. You have to use dating apps to meet new people, and as a result you waste hours swiping endlessly.

Well it’s time to try something new. We’re not suggesting you ditch apps all together because realistically they’re here to stay. Instead, you need to treat them as a springboard for offline meet ups. Here’s what to do: 

1. Don’t be lazy. 

Seriously, fill out your profile. If anything, you’re doing yourself a favour because then people actually have a way to break the ice. And if you’re fed up of empty profiles, try Inner Circle. They manually search for people with vacant profiles and make them add details. If you can’t be bothered to put the effort in, this isn’t the app for you.

2. Save the small talk. 

For two reasons. Firstly, no one likes it that much. And secondly, if you chat for too long online you won’t have much to talk about on your date. So just meet in real life and learn about each other then. 

3. Find people that get you. 

I bet you can think of 5 bars or pubs you love. And everyone in those bars are similar to you, right? The brains behind Inner Circle know this feeling all too well. That’s why you can literally search for your favourite venue and match with people who also like to go there. That’s a vibe check if ever there was one.

4. Skip online dating all together. 

Singles events. And no, not the speed dating events that you get nightmares about. We’re talking hilarious pub quizzes, unforgettable sensory experiences, good old fashioned house parties and even festivals. Inner Circle is the app that lets you skip the online dating experience and meet other single people in a fun, chilled out environment.

5. Be daring. 

Otherwise you’re not going to get anywhere. Start conversations, meet in real life, and just enjoy dating. Inner Circle is the dating app that everyone in London is talking about. It’s created with one thing in mind: getting users offline and meeting in real life.

So be bold and give it a go. Check out all the events they’ve got on this summer, get some friends along, and meet some other single people, in real life. 

Are you ready to date better this summer? Sign up to Inner Circle now, we dare you.