Why law firms must embrace new technology

As we embrace the digital age, law firms’ need to adopt key digital strategies for their continued growth, profitability and marketplace differentiation. 

Our reliance on technology has changed our consumer behaviours and how we find services such as legal firms. It has also opened new legal areas which we might need to challenge with a suit from time to time. 

Adopting new technological advancements can have far-reaching impacts too. New legal innovations are helping law firms make the right moves for the future

We take a look at four reasons why law firms need to embrace new and innovative technology. 

To increase efficiency

Digital technology can be used to increase the efficiency of legal practices at law firms. Innovations such as case management software to super-secure verified private networks (VPNs), investment in tech can provide huge returns. 

Lawyers and solicitors can co their jobs with greater accuracy and efficiency if they are supported by the right tech. Even basic technology such as internet speed can be improved with new technology. Boosting your chances of being selected to represent clients more often than usual. 

To improve productivity

Most workplace software or technology has been designed to improve productivity. When investing in productivity-enhancing technology solutions, law firms need to make sure that they are suitable and support solicitors and lawyers rather than hindering their workloads. 

Getting the right technology can help boost a law firms profit margins. Enabling lawyers and solicitors to produce a greater amount of quality work in less time. Software that reduces the amount of time administrative tasks take will help law firms spend more time practicing the law effectively. 

To build on security

The growth in technology and software has led to an increased need for reliable security systems to keep client data safe and secure. Older technology might not be as secure and more open to attacks from malicious software that is trying to harvest client data

Modernising hardware and software will help law firms to keep client data safer and more secure. Ensuring that law firms aren’t then liable for unfortunate, and totally avoidable, data breaches. 

To promote services

Consumers are using technology more than ever to find the services they need. Doing all their research online first, reading reviews and paying attention to a law firms branding and values before making the decision to use a law firm. 

Law firms need to have a strong presence on social media, a cutting-edge website and effectively communicate their offering and success to potential clients online. Additionally, being visible online can help law firms source great talent to join their teams.