Choosing women’s sandals 4 models you might want to have

Sandals are a staple when it comes to summer outfits. They offer comfort to your feet and protect them from overheating. This footwear comes in multiple shapes and colour options. You can find sports models you can use when engaging in outdoor activities, and smart sandals designed for casual summer outfits. If you’re trying to choose a pair of women’s sandals, explore our suggestions. We have 4 interesting models for you to choose from

Karl Lagerfeld Jelly II Karl Ikonic Sling

These seemingly simple sandals for women were designed by the ingenious Karl Lagerfeld. It’s a perfect choice for those of you who wish to stay smart. You will instantly notice the understated elegance and silver, mirror-like surface. Rubber graphic with the image of Karl Lagerfeld is the most prominent element of this model. These sandals will go with your spring or summer look: pair them with a dress spring, or with shorts and a top.

Teva Hurricane Xlt2 ALP

Teva is a brand famous for its outdoor sandals. These products are resistant to intense wear and made of high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a sports model to make the most of your active lifestyle, go for Hurricane. These shoes can be used in water, because they offer excellent support and grip of the foot in a few points. Their versatile, sporty look means you can wear them with shorts and tees.

Caterpillar Progressor

This is yet another reliable option for those of you who appreciate outdoor activities. Caterpillar is a brand known for workwear and construction machines. That’s why the model known as Progressor is durable and robust. You will definitely notice the chunky silhouette, which is not an obvious choice for sandals. The thick deep-tread outsole will do the job even on a difficult surface.

Birkenstock Milano

Birkenstock sandals, made of cork and latex, are a synonym of comfort. The manufacturer specialises in orthopaedic footwear, so the products supplied by this brand offer maximum comfort and follow all the rules of ergonomics to keep you feet as healthy as possible. What is more, Milano come in a classic, attractive design, so they will go with your casual summer outfits for numerous occasions.

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