Four Places to Have a Crazy Time on a Shoreditch Weekend

Shoreditch is one of the coolest, hippest areas in East London. There is always something fun to do if you know where to look, especially on the weekend.

Those who are new to the area or want to meet new friends may be wondering about the best places to frequent. While you can hop into any bar or restaurant in the Shoreditch area and have a pleasant evening, we have come up with a list of the very best experiences this part of London has to offer.

Here are four locations where you can have a crazy time on the weekend in Shoreditch.

  1. Visit Columbia Road Flower Market

Fancy a relaxing start to your evening? Perhaps you want to grab some flowers for a date or take a look at the latest blooms. Then, Columbia Road Flower Market is the place to visit, as you can find everything from houseplants to succulents to bulbs and herbs. 

If you are not sure how to get to the market, you can easily walk from the Shoreditch High Street railway station. The experience of seeing the local flower trades is one of a kind and not one you should miss.

  1. Go on a Pub Crawl

Shoreditch is the home of some of the best pubs in London. Places such as Golden Heart, Ten Bills, and Goose Island Brewpub are great spots.

The beauty of such bar crawls is that you can experience different atmospheres and crowds during the same night. Perhaps one place catches your eye more than others, and you spend a significant chunk of the night there.

That is the charm of Shoreditch, you are never quite sure of what you will get.

If you ever want to spend part of your night relaxing at home, you can check out the Crazy Time game available to play online. Such games are an excellent way to pass the time.

Those who end up spending all night at the bar crawl should pace themselves. Try to limit yourself to one drink at each establishment, while alternating between beer/mixed drinks and water can also help.

  1. Eat at Brick Lane

Anytime you talk to a local in Shoreditch, they rave about the delicious food you can find on Brick Lane. The street is famous for all its street food vendors, who are set up most days throughout the year.

Whether you want to get a quick brunch, grab a work lunch or get dinner with friends or family, you can find some great spots at Brick Lane. All the meals are delicious, while you can find almost any variety of food as well.

  1. Watch Football at Bar Kick

If you are an avid football fan or want to simply watch the game while you are in the Shoreditch area, you should check out Bar Kick. When there is a Premier League, Champions League, or international match happening, you can be sure that the place will be a rowdy, wild experience.

There are two tables where you can play table football, while the venue also has stand-up comedy nights and live sports most evenings. Sometimes they even have quirky speed dating events.

  1. Check Out Books at Libraria

Libraria is one of the unique bookshops in London, as the books are not stacked based on genre. Instead, the shop decided to stack its books by random topics, such as “ways of seeing” or “learning about the human brain.” Aside from finding some great books, you can also meet up with friends or make a new acquaintance at Libraria. The bookshop is known for its social scene, as the staff loves to talk to new visitors about their collection.

Have a Crazy Time in Shoreditch

Now that you are aware of the best places to frequent in Shoreditch, you are unlikely to have a boring weekend anytime soon. 

Decide on the places you want to check out before any of the others, go during the busiest hours on Friday or Saturday night, and let loose among the crowds.

You can have plenty of fun in the Shoreditch area, regardless of your age or interests. Whether you are in the mood for a bar crawl or a fun evening reading new books, you can do it all in this part of East London.