Fashion trends for summer 2021

This year designers created impressive women’s clothes based on the new summer trends. In the four fashion capitals, New York, London, Milan, and Paris, demonstrations took place that took the breath away from the attendees.

The colours that prevailed in the clothes for the summer of 2021 were the color of lavender, mint green, orange, bright red, and all shades of pink. We bet you are going to love these summer trends! If you wish to place actual bets you can visit Free Bets at your leisure. If it’s not your cup of tea, let’s explore this year’s summer fashion trends! 

The trends in women’s clothing for summer 2021

Women’s clothes in pastel shades

Pastel colours are the perfect choice for summer. The good thing is that they suit every skin tone and can make your look quite impressive. As you can see, you can experiment with two different colours in your outfit, although the must for this year is the combination of the color of lavender with that of mint.

Black and white clothes

But in addition to all these beautiful bright colours, we also saw several black and white women’s clothes from most fashion houses. The biggest supporters of this trend were Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel who created everything varying from spring jackets to airy summer dresses.

Long floor-length summer dresses

This year, the longer your dress is, the more fashionable you are. This is probably the most romantic idea we saw on the catwalks from companies such as Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Valentino, but also Michael Kors. So if you are preparing to buy new dresses, choose mainly airy maxi dresses and avoid the very fitted mermaid types.

Wide women’s pants

We say goodbye to skinny jeans, and we welcome wide pants. Their combination with a bralette top is incredibly in fashion, so prepare your wardrobe ladies!

Bralette top

This particular trend is the most revealing, as the bralettes are reminiscent of bras. You can find bralette with lace, silk, velvet, or leather. The chicest way to wear such a top is with a wide pair of pants and a jacket on top. For the hottest days of summer, however, the ideal choice is with high-waisted shorts and a pashmina on top.

Criss cross blouses and dresses 

In addition to cut-outs on clothes, which is a trend that has prevailed for several years, for the summer of 2021 are very fashionable also clothes that have laces or strings that intersect. As for blouses, it is a bit ordinary and standard, but in dresses, it looks incredibly sexy and emphasizes the waist. So thumbs up!

Dresses with corset

I would characterize this proposal as subversive, but many women will surely love it since the corset sculpts the body and creates an attractive silhouette. Alexander McQueen and Givenchy were among the biggest supporters of this trend. They showed us how we can wear a corset over our blouse or even a skirt in the same shade to create the illusion that it is a dress.

Women’s padded jackets 

In general, as you may have already understood, the volume of clothes prevails this year. As in last winter, they offer us jackets with wide shoulders and generally in a wide line, boyfriend type.

This style is inspired by the ’80s when there were padded blouses and jackets. But to create a nice ensemble you have to wear it with fitted pants. In no case does it look so elegant if you wear wide pants, as your appearance will look sloppy and will add weight.

Women’s clothes with sequins

But the shine of this year’s women’s clothing could not be missing. Before we had glitter and now we are back to the sequins that were very much on top in the ’80s, the era that inspired many designers for spring and summer clothes this year.

It brings a little disco to our minds, but if you want to give a more modern air you can be exemplified by Celine Dion, who in her appearance on the red carpet had combined a dress with sequins and sneakers.

Two must-have jewellery pieces for 2021

Never throw away your old jewellery. And this is because fashion repeats itself and many designs that used to be a trend have returned dynamically and now we see them worn by models and influencers from all over the world.

A shocking example is the pearls that are timeless as a style but every year we will see them appear in a different form. Last year, freshwater pearls were in vogue, while this year we will see them in their most classic version. So let’s see in more detail the 2 jewels that will be worn more this year!

  1. Plain necklace with large pearls!

A big trend in jewellery was started by a man, Harry Styles! This year everyone will wear a lot of necklaces with simple plain pearls. Choose the classic thick and round pearls that are what you need to decorate your classy outfits. With the pearls, you can wear various chains to do layering!

  1. Earrings and necklaces with emeralds and rhinestones!

This year we will see a lot of necklaces and earrings with emeralds and rhinestones. This jewellery has an expensive air as it looks precious and luxurious. They are very elegant and very feminine. Although they have precious stones on the market you can find them at very affordable prices and in good quality. They look so impressive on their own that you do not even need to put on other accessories to enhance your look!