5 Ways To Design Your Glass Windows

People often think that to improve the interior of a place, one simply has to rearrange some items or add a few decorative pieces. 

Surprisingly, homeowners can easily overlook their windows and assume that they only need to change the curtains. But designing these openings can add so much to the aesthetic and functionality of any place. If you’re wondering how here are five creative ways to design your glass windows.

Liven It Up With Plants

You can add more life to your window by literally adding life to your window. The sill is a great place to put your plants so that they can receive the right amount of sunlight and make the space livelier. 

A creative way to incorporate plants into your glass window is by making window boxes. These are just containers filled with lush greenery that will accentuate your window. Otherwise, you can place the plants on the sill based on your preference. 

Add More Light 

While windows are already known to be the entryway for natural light to reach the room, it doesn’t hurt to add more to this feat. Adding other sources of light around your glass window adds to the aesthetic and serves as mood lighting, especially in the nighttime.

You can add decorative lights or light fixtures around the glass window frames or even a couple of candles on the sill. This design tip can give the room a warm ethereal feel for when the sun goes down.

Use Window Films

To design your glass window, you can also alter the glass itself and not just surround it with decor. There is a wide range of window films and glass variations that can make your window stand out. You can choose based on varying levels of opacity. If the window is in a room where a little more privacy is needed, then you could opt for an opaquer frost on the glass. These films are also known as plastic or privacy filters. 

If you want a more colorful touch for your space, patterned window films can give the room more personality and character. 

Opt For Textured Glass

Another way to add design to the glass is to get textured glass for your windows. This kind of glass comes in many fun textures and patterns that will be an eye-catching element to your space. The intricate details and thickness of textured glass will also make it a bit more translucent to opaque, giving you added privacy. 

Install Shelves

Windows can be so much more than a frame to a view. By adding open shelves, they can now also serve as an aesthetically pleasing storage place. Installing wood or glass shelves on your windows makes for an innovative way to display your plants or other household items.