All Dressed Up: Installations by Guda Koster

An affinity for clothing drives most of us away on shopping sprees, yet Guda Koster combines a love of fashion with her artistic vision to create surreal installations. Interested in the way that we all use clothes to communicate our identities and express how we see ourselves within the world, Koster’s work makes fabric, textiles, colour and pattern the centre of attention. The images also cleverly explore the role of an artist, who’s presence is often only on the peripheries of a piece, separate from its content- Koster alternatively chooses to  sometimes appear in her own pieces, camouflaged amongst material and thus both visibly and invisibly taking the lead role. Strange yet visually striking, Guda Koster’s art proves that clothes can be used for more than making a style statement.

Guda Koster 1


Guda Koster 4

Guda Koster 2

Guda Koster 5