On Neighbourhood Watch: Photography by Arne Svenson

Do you ever wonder what the people who live down your street get up to behind closed doors? In his new series, The Neighbours, photographer Arne Svenson captures the daily activities of local Manhattan residents as seen from his window into theirs. For Svenson, the start of a new project is normally triggered by experiences that just happen to bring new objects into his life- in this case he had inherited a bird watching telephoto lens from a friend. As a result, within his photos Svenson has been able to beautifully represent the quotidian, with the images portraying the intimate, strange moments full of visual potential that pass us all by on a daily basis inside our homes. In many ways a form of social documentation, The Neighbours brings viewers unexpectedly closer to anonymous, urban individuals.

Arne Svenson 1  Arne Svenson 2Arne Svenson 6 Arne Svenson 8 Arne Svenson 4

Images source: http://arnesvenson.com/theneighbors.html