How to Maintain Artificial Grass like a Pro?

A regular cleaning routine for your artificial grass is always recommended to preserve maximum life expectancy. As an exterior product exposed to the elements, you must perform some reasonable upkeep on a regular basis. Here are some strategies for keeping your astro turf garden looking neat and fresh.

Rake leaves and debris on a regular basis.

The first step is to remove leaves and debris on a regular basis with a petrol leaf blower (for optimum results), stiff brush, or plastic rake. Trim back hedges and overhanging trees on a regular basis to reduce the number of leaves that fall onto the lawn.

Use Weed Killer.

Because the synthetic grass is susceptible to airborne seeds, constant maintenance in the form of a weed killer applied to the entire area twice a year is essential. Weeds can be easily eliminated if they grow.


Artificial grass is almost self-cleaning assuming there is no transfer of dirt or soil. If the ‘grass’ has to be cleaned, a hosing down with a little detergent and a stiff brush (or a mechanical brush for optimal results) is advised.

Avoid using mirrors or other reflective surfaces.

Please be advised that outdoor mirrors, mirrored walls, reflective and bright surfaces, and energy efficient windows can have a bad effect on our surfaces and, as such, should not be utilized in any project where LazyLawn is installed, as any damage caused by such objects will not be covered by any guarantee.

Avoid Directly Using BBQs and Other Heat Sources On The Lawn.

Please keep in mind that barbeques and other devices that generate heat should not be placed directly on the fake lawn since the intense heat generated by them might burn the grass. It is recommended to place grills on a patio.

Be careful when removing snow.

If you’re not careful, removing large amounts of snow can damage your artificial grass. Unlike ice, though, heavy snow may be safely removed from your outside space. To remove the majority of the snow, we recommend using a shovel (extremely lightly and cautiously). Instead of scooping it all off at once, which could damage the grass, leave a thin layer of snow on top of the grass and brush the remaining snow off with a broom or brush.

To get rid of stubborn stains, you’ll have to put in a little more effort. To thoroughly clean these stains, you’ll need some detergent and water, as well as some elbow grease. Once you have these two items, combine them into a solution and apply to the stain using a cloth or sponge, taking care to rub it in thoroughly. After scrubbing the stain away, let the detergent linger for a minute or two before washing it out of the grass with normal water. If the stain is too tenacious or sticky, gently brush it out using a toothbrush or a firm bristles brush.