Tips For Optimising Your Digital Paid Media Strategies

Paid media strategies can be challenging to master, with companies undergoing much trial and error to optimise them effectively. There always seems to be room for further improvements to be made. 

Every element of your paid media needs to be considered. Paid search ads, social media ads, display and shopping ads must be carefully curated for better interest and conversions. Now that much of the world has moved online, it’s the perfect time to become part of the digital revolution by optimising your strategies.  

If you need some tips on where to begin with your approach, keep reading.

Revisit Your Budget

In the business world, the majority of decisions start with money considerations. If you are developing paid media strategies, then every penny needs to be spent wisely. 

You need to keep your spending in line with the size of your business, niche, and audience. Invest in quality social media management platforms and analytics. Consider that even some locations will perform better than others too. Ultimately, spending with a strategy in mind is crucial. Don’t just throw money away wildly, hoping luck will improve things. 

Research bid adjustments and how you can utilise them effectively. Bid adjustments enable you to adjust how frequently ads are displayed depending on factors like: 

  • Where people search for you and your keywords. 
  • The time web users typically search for your stuff. 
  • How popular a topic is in your paid media strategy. 
  • How well your ads perform with your target audience. 

Bid adjustments are a form of micromanagement that can optimise your returns in paid media. Make sure you utilise its capabilities to their full effect. 

Review Analytics and Keyword Usage

Data from tracked analytics should give you a better sense of direction. If you can see where most of your conversions are coming from, you can adjust your strategy slightly and perhaps cut out campaigns that aren’t proving successful. 

Review your impression share and brand keywords that lead to conversions. Are some keywords more effective than others? After your analysis, you can divert the money you’ve saved to proven marketing strategies and abandon those not adding value. 

Keep building knowledge. Keyword parameters are constantly changing according to consumer trends, so you need to have fresh insights into what topics resonate with your target audience today. How do events like the pandemic reshape things? What will people be talking about in 2022 and beyond? These are all worthy lines of enquiry, and the answers to them could optimise things further. 

Hire Professional Support 

Paid media strategies are a big thing to tackle alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this. 

The type of support you need depends on what kind of business you are running. If you require a luxury digital agency, 303 London could be an option if you need some additional guidance. They can develop paid media strategies for rapidly growing direct to consumer businesses, shoulder much of the burdens you’d otherwise be faced with. You can view all their successful projects before getting in touch. 

It may be a good idea to hand of many or all the responsibilities of paid media marketing to the experts. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your firm will make a real impact soon. You can also devote your time to other things, enhancing other aspects of your business while knowing your paid media strategies are in good hands. 

Retool Your Paid Media’s Purpose

In most of its forms, the primary purpose of advertising is to get customers to spend money on your products and services. However, the pandemic has greatly affected consumer spending considerably. 

Despite restrictions easing sometime ago, many people will still be somewhat frugal with their spending, especially if they have lost income during the pandemic. Non-essential products may be the last thing on many people’s minds, so it could be important to fine-tune your approach if that’s much of what you have to offer. 

For instance, some experts recommend that marketers focus on building brand awareness rather than sales-centric advertising. After creating your high-value content, you can then spend portions of your marketing budget on promoting content and driving awareness to your site. Hopefully, when the economy becomes more stable and people’s prospects improve, they will remember your domain and make purchases when able.  

Train Employees

Knowledgeable employees will produce better results. Still, the marketing world is fast-paced and ever-changing, so it’s essential to keep up with all the latest information. 

Training courses could help to that effect. For instance, you could provide online courses around PPC at beginner and advanced levels. Employees may be more engaged from your investment in them also and be better motivated to create closer customer relations. 

They may also gain acute insights into optimising copy within paid advertisements. Can they make landing pages accessible via different devices, such as mobile phones? Are your workers capable of performing keyword matching and conversion counting? Training can cover all of these details and ensure your paid media strategies are maintained to an excellent standard.