Top 7 Gaming Destinations in the World

People travel for many reasons. Many like to learn about a foreign culture, enjoy seafood and water sports on a beach, hike up a mountain, visit the best museums and ancient sites, go on a fishing or camping trip. Every four years, thousands will travel to see the Summer Olympics or the FIFA Football World Cup.

But gaming tourism is not just limited to these two events. There are several casino cities around the world that offer much more than just the gaming experience. People also travel for horse racing, boxing, and even electronic and video game events where they like to try the latest virtual adventures and share their game experiences with others.

So what are some of the world’s top gaming destinations? Let’s find out.

  • Las Vegas

This city in the US state of Nevada is often called the “entertainment capital of the world”. It’s the country’s second most popular attraction after the Times Square of NYC. The Strip is home to the world’s largest casinos and largest hotels. There are 30 casinos on the Vegas strip alone and two dozen nearby. MGM Grand, Venetian, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, and Mandalay Bay are some of the biggest names.

Vegas, of course, offers many other attractions as well. There are many fantastic shows, spas, shops, bars, sporting events, and even museums. From Las Vegas, you can visit the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Lake Mead, Zion National Park, and even the cities of Los Angeles, and San Francisco. They both offer plenty of attractions.

  • California’s E3 Expo

Why visiting Vegas, you may want to go to neighboring California for the E3 Expo. All serious gamers know about the E3, perhaps the world’s most famous video game event. The world’s biggest names in the gaming business and the leading gaming companies all attend this event.

If you attend the E3, you will be able to sample the newest creations and innovations. For three days, you can have a peek into the future of technology. This gadget-friendly event can be costly, though. A ticket will cost you more than $200.

  • London

Buckingham Palace, British Museum, the Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Natural History Museum, and a happening nightlife scene… there are so many reasons for visiting London. Europe’s financial capital is also known for its gaming and gambling scene.

Six soccer clubs from the city play in the top-division Premier League, so there is always a game you can see during the season. London also has 20 casinos, including the Aspers, Hippodrome, Grosvenor St Giles, and The Ritz Club, which are all very famous. Of course, more and more people are now playing live casino UK online, but you will still find thousands of gamers going to these places for their entertaining games.

  • Monte Carlo

South of France or the French Riviera has arguably one of the most scenic landscapes. Monte Carlo in the Principality of Monaco is fantastic in every way you can imagine. The city has great beaches like the Larvotto. You can hire a yacht for a cruise on the Mediterranean. The city also has some incredible viewpoints for iconic photos. You can visit the neighboring cities of Nice and Cannes.

Gaming enthusiasts don’t want to miss the Monte Carlo Casino, which is often called the “world’s most beautiful casino” because of its stunning Belle Époque façade. It has featured in several James Bond movies. You will also be impressed by the collection of games here.

  • Gold Coast

Now head to the southern hemisphere for Australia’s Gold Coast. Queensland’s second-biggest city receives more than 300 days of sunshine a year, is beautiful, and offers many attractions. There are theme parks, a Warner Brother’s movie world, hiking, surfing, waterways, and miles of beautiful beaches. The city also offers nightlife and shopping. More than 13 million visitors visit the Gold Coast every year.

You can go on a whale-watching trip and visit the hilly region of Queensland’s Scenic Rim. You will see many rugged cliffs, waterfalls, ancient rainforests, and glow warm caves. Gamers, go to Jupiter’s. It’s a casino house that offers games not available in most places. Competitions are also held at Jupiter’s.

  • Tokyo

Tokyo has given the world some of the biggest video game titles like Pokemon, Sonic, and Mario. The innovative and friendly gaming scene of the city has influenced even the western gaming culture. In Akihabara, which is often called Electric Town, you will find many stores that specialize in video games. Most of them have the latest software and hardware. You can also buy action figures and retro game memorabilia in this neighborhood. Carry an extra suitcase because you may want to purchase a lot of stuff.

  • Seattle

Seattle can compete with Las Vegas when it comes to hosting gaming conventions and events. The city hosts many of them like the GeekGirlCon and Retro Gaming Expo where you can see the latest from the world of eSports. Seattle is also a great city for coders and engineers. Big names like Microsoft, Nintendo America, and Valve are based here.

Which place would you like to visit for your gaming? You may want to choose based on the gaming experience you want and also on the attractions of the city, what you can do and see around it. London, Vegas, Monte Carlo, Seattle… they all offer so much for tourists and gamers.