4 reasons why personalised pens make a great gift

Personalised pens don’t immediately spring to mind as a great gift, but they should. Pens are one of the most useful items on the planet because everybody needs a pen at some point, no matter how much we rely on technology. There’s also something timeless about getting a special pen to mark an important occasion, whether it be passing a test, getting an award, or being promoted.

Why custom pens are fantastic presents to give

  • Impression

Pens are a sophisticated and long-lasting present, which sends the message that you believe the recipient’s views are important, something vital in your personal and professional life. 

As a result, business owners can use these gifts to increase loyalty, morale, and productivity among their team, as well as boosting their relationship with clients or other business associates. This can also boost profits in the long term.

  • Universality

Everyone can use a pen and, with a little bit of personalisation for the recipient, they can fit any occasion where you would give out a gift, i.e. religious holidays, birthdays, graduations, new job, or even a hearty welcome to the company.

  • Cost

There’s a wide range of price points to fit every budget depending on the pen you choose and how you want to customise it.

This means you can get cheap pens to give out at job fairs, while also getting more expensive ones for clients, employees, and even your friends and family. These corporate gifts also count as a business expense so you can claim back the tax. 

  • Increases the recipient’s mental power

Writing with a pen, as opposed to typing, helps the user by:

  1. Reducing stress
  2. Boosting creativity
  3. Increasing emotional awareness and control
  4. Improving organisational skills
  5. Heightening concentration

As an added bonus, any CEO purchasing pens for their team will reap these benefits because their employees will be more productive if they can reduce stress while improving creativity, organisation, and concentration.

What pen should I buy?

With all those benefits in mind for both giver and recipient, you might be wondering what type of pen to purchase for your employees and clients. This can be a little bit difficult to choose without knowing someone’s pen preferences, but a good rule of thumb is that fountain pens are best for special occasions and ballpoints are better to have in the office supply cupboard. If you want to compare the types and prices of printed pens, click here.

As with all types of branded merchandise, you should work closely with the supplier to ensure that the item is up to your high standards. This doesn’t just apply to things like the overall design, engraving quality, and logo placement, but how long the pen will last before it dries up or the ink cartridge needs changing. After all, you might expect one or two of the ballpoints in a massive pack from the store to dry up before you get to them, but you want extra quality from these pens.

Hopefully, this has shown you why quality custom pens are worthwhile and how to choose the right one.