Buying Women’s Shoes Online? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to update your shoe collection, we have some great news for you. Women have a passion for shoes that goes beyond the need to cover and protect their feet. They are driven by a mix of fashion trends, peer pressure, and the desire to enhance their sex appeal. This is why you see them possess many pairs of shoes compared to men.

Women’s shoes are available in local shops and stores and online. Buying women’s shoes from a local shop is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much effort. However, when getting the shoes online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s your guide to buying women’s shoes online.

Know What You Want

We can all agree that women have more types and styles of shoes than men. This is one reason they spend more time at the boutique just looking for the perfect shoe. However, when buying women’s shoes online, you need to examine your needs.

When you land on a website, you don’t want to spend hours looking for a shoe that meets your needs. Start by identifying the type of shoe you want. This will make it easier as you’ll just need to type the shoe’s name and filter through the many results until you find a good choice.

For instance, when looking for women’s platform shoes, there are various options to consider. Women’s platform shoes have been around for ages and are still a popular option. They include heels, trainers and sandals.

Platform shoes have a slightly larger than normal sole size, which makes them stand out. In most instances, short women like platform shoes because they add extra height.

If you’re looking for sports or pool wear in this category, consider pool sliders as they have a flat, gripped, low platform sole. A chunky boot might be the perfect women’s platform shoe for winter. Since they are slightly raised, they keep your clothes off the mud.

However, when buying women’s platform shoes online, make sure to get the right height because some can be unstable and uncomfortable.

Get the Right Fit

You’re buying the shoes online, so there’s no room for fitting. How will you ensure you get the right size?

First, you’ll need to measure the size of your feet. To do this, place one foot on a piece of paper. You might want to put on a pair of socks before measuring the size. Also, make sure the piece of paper is taped on the floor so that it doesn’t slip.

Now, trace the outline of the foot and mark the widest and longest part. Do the same for the other foot. If you want to make the process easier and the results accurate, get a helping hand. Again, it’s important to record the measurements in various units; inches and centimeters. This is because companies use different units in their shoe size charts.

Shoe sizes vary depending on the brand, so you want to be sure you have the right size. Head over to your favorite brands’ website and refer your size to the brands’ size charts.

Zoom the Shoe Images

Some sellers put a single image of their product, while others add more than one photo on their website. When looking to buy women’s shoes online, you must ensure that what you order is exactly what you’ll get.

Spare a few minutes to view the shoes on the website. Zoom the images to get a clear view of the shoes from all angles. This will enable you to get an almost accurate sense of the finish and quality of the shoes. The images should be clear and taken from all angles.

If the site doesn’t have clearer images of its products, it might be a red flag. You should have an idea of the color, texture, and finishing of the shoes after zooming the pictures.

Go through the Seller’s Policies

Exchange and return policies are some of the common policies every genuine seller should have. However, the terms may vary from one site to the other. Therefore, it’s essential to understand all the policies before making a purchase.

For instance, a return policy allows you to return a pair of shoes that don’t fit well. If the product you order is different from what you get, an exchange policy might help you get another pair from the same seller.

However, it’s worth noting that some sellers change policies once they sell a product to you.


Women love to own a large collection of shoes, and they are often inspired by models and fashion trends. However, when buying shoes online, you need to consider a few factors like the size of your feet, the shoe brand, and the seller’s policies.