10 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

As the holidays approach, you might be slow to get into the Christmas spirit. You’re not alone, though. With the Covid-19 pandemic still heavily impacting families and individuals around the globe, it’s no wonder depression rates have practically tripled. But, even if you’re struggling to get into the “holiday cheer,” if you will, there’s still a variety of activities you can do that will have you singing Christmas carols in no time! 

–  Decorate your home. Sometimes, all you need is a little decorating to get you into the holiday spirit. Add some personalized Christmas decorations to your home, such as wall signs, door mats or even some kitchen items that really give off the Christmas vibe. Incorporate reds and greens into your interior design color scheme, and switch out your fall decorations for winter ones. That’s right goodbye pumpkins, hello poinsettias. Or, if you’d prefer, pine cones. Either way, transitioning your decor from one season to the next will get you in the correct headspace to enjoy the holidays.

– Brew some hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows, candy canes and chocolate drizzle! A piping hot mug of hot chocolate is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Settle in with a romantic comedy and a thick blanket, and you’ll find yourself feeling festive in no time! Pro tip: Use milk instead of water in your hot chocolate! It’s much creamier and has a more rounded taste. Less like chocolate water and more like traditional hot chocolate! Add some cinnamon or even chili powder to give it an extra kick, like a Mexican hot chocolate!

– Set up the Christmas tree. How can you have Christmas without the tree? Even if you live in an apartment, you can still set up a Christmas tree. For those who don’t have the space in their homes for a Christmas tree, consider getting a few smaller bottle brush trees to put in various places around your apartment. For those who have enough space for the Christmas tree, consider setting it up earlier this year instead of right before Christmas. That way, you can take your time decorating it! Add some personalized ornaments, ribbon or even beads to the Christmas tree to really make it stand out. Decorating the Christmas tree is a quintessential part of the holiday season, and it’s something many people look forward to. Make the most out of it by inviting close friends and family to come by and help you decorate for the season. You’ll find yourself in the Christmas spirit in no time! 


– Bake cookies. Christmas sugar cookies are an essential part of the holiday season. Bake a batch of cookies and decorate them with sprinkles or icing to get into the Christmas spirit! Use cookie cutters of all different types of Christmas shapes. From Santa’s beard to a Christmas tree or even the presents underneath it, baking Christmas cookies can really go a long way in ensuring you’re invested in the season. 

– Watch a Christmas movie. The possibilities are endless with this one. From classics to modern takes, a Christmas movie is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. No matter which movie you watch, there’s probably one other person you hang out with who tries to claim they don’t like Christmas movies but secretly love them to pieces. Feel free to drag them along for the fun!

– Send a letter to Santa. Sure, this might be something more for the kids, but who says you can’t write one, too? There are lots of online programs out there now that let you send a brief email to Santa, outlining your wishes for the holiday. Whether or not Santa gets a chance to respond before Christmas is all up in the air, though. Either way, it’s a fun activity both you and the kids can do to embrace the holiday season!

– Read a classic Christmas tale. Whether you choose something heavier, such as A Tale of Two Cities or something more lighthearted, reading a classic Christmas story never goes out of style. Plus, it’s the perfect way to get yourself and the kids excited for the holiday season! Consider reading a classic book that goes along with a movie. You’ll be fully immersed in the Christmas spirit, which is just what you need if you’re finding yourself down in the dumps over it!

– Drive around looking at lights. One thing many families do at Christmas time is go around looking at Christmas lights. Who says this year has to be any different? Pack up the car and go driving around to look at the different light displays. Some local news stations might even put together a list of the best local displays that you can check out. Make some to-go containers of hot chocolate while you’re at it to really embrace the Christmas spirit!

– Listen to Christmas carols. Christmas music is entirely it’s own genre. That’s what makes it so great at really inducing that Christmas spirit! Whether you’re baking cookies, decorating the tree or even just lounging around the house, Christmas tunes can really get you into the Christmas spirit. From traditional classics to more modern takes, Christmas tunes are perfect for anyone struggling to get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season. 

– Start a gift list. Your holiday gift list can’t be started early enough. Giving good gifts takes time, so it’s important you don’t wait until the last minute. Whether you’re going to give out stuffed personalized Christmas stockings or splurge for close friends and family, it’s important you put together that list sooner rather than later. You don’t want to be rushing around the few days before Christmas! Instead, put together your gift list early on so that you don’t miss opportunities to purchase your gifts for friends and family. There’s nothing worse than going to buy a gift item only to find that it’s out of stock!