3 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Retail Space For 2022

Another year has almost gone by, and just like that, here comes 2022. It may have been quite a challenge to keep your retail business afloat this year, but the new chapter might just be the glimmer of hope you need to turn things around. With the restrictions easing down, different industries are starting to get back on their feet, and you shouldn’t be left behind. 

Your retail space deserves a transformation to attract new and more customers. No matter how popular online shopping may have become, physical stores still have quite the edge when it comes to offering a unique consumer experience. And now that people are going out again, you need to make sure your business is ready for the wave of shoppers, who are more than excited to get back to the “old normal.” 

New year, new look for your space 

As you think of ways to spruce up your commercial space, keep in mind that you’re competing with the ease and convenience online shopping has to offer. Needless to say, it’s essential you make quite a good impression. You have to ensure your clients will be getting the ultimate shopping experience they won’t get online, whether you’re a commercial space in Shoreditch in London or a shop in Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles or even just a local retail store.

How do you do this? Here are some tips and ideas you can consider to level up your visual merchandising game. 

  • Reinvent your store layout 

Your store layout can make or break the groundwork of your retail space. So it’s crucial to strategically arrange it in a way that promotes a positive and worthwhile shopping experience for your customers. 

If you’re planning to reinvent your store layout, there are several questions you might want to ask yourself first. What type of customers do you have? Are your products meant to be for leisure shopping, or can your clients make do with a quick visit to get what they need? Do you have sales associates to assist your shoppers, or do you prefer to let them maximise your self-service features? Answering these questions could prove helpful in determining the kind of layout you should have for your space.  (1)

If your goal is to encourage customers to look around and stay longer, the loop or racetrack layout might be what you need. In this kind of floor plan, products and fixtures are arranged strategically in a way that creates a looping path for clients to shop around and look at other products that may interest them. But if you prefer to have more flexibility and creativity, go for the free flow layout. This can make your customers feel like they can take any direction and look at different racks, shelves, and items however they like. (2)

  • Let there be light 

Lighting is critical in any setting, and your retail store isn’t an exemption. No customer would be enticed to come in and take a look at what you’re selling if there’s no adequate lighting that would help them appreciate the products. And since 2022 is coming, it may be a good plan to welcome the new year in a different light (literally) by installing more fixtures that can help illuminate your space. (3)

Using a combination of different retail lighting fixtures is a bright idea if you want to create a hint of variety here and there. Some accessories you can try are picture lights, sconces, lamps, and track lights. For a cosy feel, you can go for chandeliers and other vintage fixtures. But make sure to choose energy-efficient options, such as light-emitting diodes, to promote cost-effectiveness. (3) (4)

  • Accentuate the wall 

A pop of colours and patterns can easily pique interest and catch the attention of customers and passers-by. But if you’re on a budget, painting the wall with bold shades can already make a difference in sprucing up your retail space. (4)

You can pick a palette that matches your brand logo or the type of products you offer. If you primarily cater to women shoppers, your best bet would be orange, yellow, and pink. But if you want a powerful colour that could help evoke an emotion of excitement, you can go for red. Just make sure not to overdo it, or shoppers may find it quite an eyesore. On the other hand, gold is the shade you want if you want to add an element of elegance and prestige.  (5)

Aside from painting the wall, you can also consider using patterned wallpaper or printed fabric to accentuate empty spots in your store. You may likewise hang framed art, tapestries, canvas prints, and other decorative pieces you feel can complement the ambiance you want to achieve. 


A new year means a new beginning. So there’s no other perfect time than now to start thinking of sprucing up your retail space. With less than a month to go before 2022, don’t let this opportunity pass you by, and try these ideas now to make the most out of your physical store. Whether you’re a retail startup or already an established brand, your store’s layout, interior décor, and lighting are some of the most critical elements that can make your retail space appealing. 


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