Shoreditch’s Top Three Thai Restaurants

Shoreditch has become famed for being the home of hipsters in London. In this relatively small neighbourhood, there’s more artisan style coffee shops, trendy cheesemongers, pop-up craft beer shacks, and electric bicycles zipping about than nearly anywhere else in the city. There’s also some remarkably great restaurants situated amongst all that other buzzing life. Shoreditch is an area that welcomes other cultures warmly, so it is teeming with tantalising places to eat, where they’ve taken inspiration from countries all around the world. 

One of those countries is Thailand, which is located in Southeast Asia. It is a nation that is renowned for its gorgeous temples, and its mesmerising natural scenery. It also is a country that loves gambling, including online. Websites such as Asiabet, provide visitors with the best online gambling sites in Thailand 2021. They also have a handy list of blacklisted sites, so hopeful punters don’t get drawn into any bad decisions. Additionally, there’s a whole plethora of easy to access casino bonuses available.

Perhaps Thailand is most known for its gorgeous cuisine though, so it’s fantastic news that Shoreditch is loaded with Thai restaurants. Here’s our pick of the top three that you have to visit ASAP. 

Busaba Hoxton Square

Our first pick is the marvellous Busaba Hoxton Square, which is, as the name suggests, located just down from Hoxton Square, on the corner of Rufus Street and Old Street. Hoxton Square is a place full of cultural delights that makes it worth visiting anyway, such as the artist STIK’s landmark ‘Holding Hands’ sculpture that is situated in the park

Busaba is technically a chain restaurant, as they have several locations throughout London, and another one in Oxford, and even one in Cardiff, Wales. However, the reason they’re able to become such a successful chain is because they are just that good at delivering mouthwatering Thai food in a relaxed and communal feeling ambiance.  The price range is friendly to almost every budget, and there are both vegetarian and vegan options available. 

Fab Thai Street Food

Over in Thailand, you’ll find that most of the food people buy when out, is served as street-food, making it quick and easily accessible for those walking about in the hustling and bustling cities. Fab Thai Street Food have recreated that experience at their small shop on 7 Paul Street, where people flock to pick up some stir-fried noodles on their lunch-breaks. 

The aim of the place is to get you in and out in as quick a time as possible, so don’t expect to hang around for long, soaking up the atmosphere. Also, be prepared for long queues that can go down the street at peak lunch times, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get in and out if you do have a timed lunch-break at work. As you won’t be sat relishing in the surroundings though, the price represents that and it is priced at between five to nine pound a dish. 

They are again vegetarian friendly, and also feature a small selection of vegan options, so it’s no wonder they’re so popular in Shoreditch. The Prawn Pad Thai is especially special, and is ideal for munching on as you stroll around the wonders of the Shoreditch neighbourhood. 

Smoking Goat Shoreditch

This restaurant is the pinnacle of cool and laid-back vibes. The Smoking Goat is located at 64 Shoreditch High Street, and is a must-visit for anyone wanting to pair luscious hot n’ spicy Thai food with premium ice-cold beers. The place is open until 11pm, and definitely becomes abuzz with social activity as the evening wears on, with there being a long bar that runs along nearly the whole restaurant, where patrons can sit and enjoy many drinks. 

The menu consists of a wide selection of enticing dishes that will have you clamouring to order as many as possible, which isn’t a bad idea, as the portions are delicious but on the small side. This makes it a perfect setting for a large group of people though, as you can order loads and then share them between the crowd. The budget is again extremely reasonable for London, and there are both vegetarian and vegan options available as well.