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‘Dem Live A Foreign’ Survey

Red Light Busking presents ‘Dem Live A Foreign’ will be our exploration into London’s migrant communities taking an introspective look into how they have helped shape the culture of London over the past decades.

For many who had parents who came from another country to settle into London, the culture of the home did not always match up with what was outside the home. While the nation tucked into a Sunday roast, being from a Caribbean home we tucked into rice and peas and curry mutton. Or while the nations TV’s were switched to the swoons of Kylie Minogue, we listened to the sounds of roots and reggae through our stereo systems.

But though different to the mainstream culture of London at the time, there is no doubt these cultures of the home have become a part of London’s culture now. Thinking about this further made us wonder how other migrant communities have affected the culture, sights, sounds and scenes of London. That’s why we’d like your help in letting us know how you believe the culture you grew up in the home, has helped to shape modern-day Britain. It could be anything you think, such as music, religion, past times or even foods, we just want to hear your opinions.

The end result from this survey is that during 2022 we will put on a series of free live immersive events that look into the South Asian, Somalian, Caribbean and Latin communities.

If you’d like to be part of this then please fill out our short survey by clicking here.