New year, new love life? Here are the dating trends we’re leaving in 2021

Wow, what a couple of years it’s been. From Zoom dates to park dates and back again, single people have had a rollercoaster of a time. 

So as we wash our hands of the past couple of years (topical, right) it’s a good chance to look back at how dating has changed. We spoke to offline-centric dating app Inner Circle who spilled the tea on some of the trends that characterized 2021.

The political deal breaker. 

People’s views have become increasingly binary; and as a result people are intolerant of conflicting views. Vaccination, lockdown decisions, and global politics. We’ve dived into the news more than ever before, and it’s impacted what we want from other people. 

If this sounds like you, you’re probably using apps like Inner Circle, because they have so many detailed profile options that it means you can be picky. It’s good to know what you want, so you do you.

Picky Procrastination

What did we want? A ‘hot vax summer’. What did we get? Not that. 

After eighteen months working from home, and with a restricted social life, people feel they’ve lost their get-up-and-go. As a result, dating is an effort. It means that people are picky about who they get up close and personal with, especially if it means missing out on a night with your friends. 

It’s good news for dating events though, as this new mindset means people are keen to meet as many single people in one go as possible. Inner Circle hosts parties every month, at some really cool venues. Picture 300 single people all dancing and drinking… it’s genius. So if this sounds like your bag, you should get involved. 

Pressing fast forward 

Single people; you’ve picked up the pace. Those relationship milestones that once took years, are happening in much shorter time frames. Going away on holiday, friend’s weddings, meeting parents… people aren’t hanging about. It’s probably because people know what they want, and if they find it, they’re keeping it close. 

If that sounds like you, then try Inner Circle. It’s an app for people who want to have fun, go on amazing dates, and meet like-minded people. 

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