How To Find The Help You Need To Stop Smoking 

Deciding to quit smoking is the start of a long journey. Trying to quit smoking can be challenging. Many who try to stop will often start smoking once again sometime in the future. 62.5% of smokers in the UK have admitted to quitting smoking at least once.

It is a difficult habit to break, especially for those who have been smoking for decades. The after-effects of quitting smoking tend to be the triggers that cause people to fall back into old habits.

However, finding support to help you quit smoking could help you increase the chances of you finishing the habit for good. If you are struggling with finding motivation, these are some reasons why people choose to quit.

Reasons For Quitting

It is commonly known that smoking cigarettes negatively impacts our health. Despite knowing this, many will argue that there is no point in quitting, especially if they have been smoking for such a long time. However, whether you have smoked for a few months or a few decades, everyone can enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking.

When you have an intense craving for a cigarette, it can be easy to lose sight of the reasons why you quit. Here’s a reminder of the benefits you can reap should you choose to quit smoking.

Increase Life Expectancy

Quitting smoking can help to increase your life expectancy. The differences in your health are noticeable within the first three days after smoking your last cigarette. Following the first 20 minutes, your pulse rate will return to normal. After 8 hours, your oxygen levels will return to normal. Also, the carbon monoxide and nicotine levels within your blood will have reduced by more than half.

Improvement In Fitness

By choosing to stop smoking, you will notice an improvement in your fitness levels. Smoking can limit you from improving your fitness. You will become breathless far quicker and easier, making participating in any physical activity challenging. Some smokers find themselves out of breath from walking up the stairs. In the months following you quitting smoking, your lung capacity will have increased. It will significantly impact going to the gym and walking to the shops.

Money Saved

Smoking cigarettes is a costly habit. The cost of a packet of cigarettes regularly increases. The initial expenses might be more than a cigarette packet when switching to a vape. However, the costs long-term are noticeably lower. The e-liquids used in a vape last longer, as you have the choice of how long you are using the vape. Purchasing new e-liquids are cheaper than the cost of a packet of cigarettes.

Finding Help To Quit Smoking

Finding support when quitting smoking for good can be a drag. Many will choose an alternative to smoking cigarettes to help them stop, such as switching to vapes and using nicotine products. However, some people might need additional support to help them quit smoking. Here are a few ways to find support to help you in your process of quitting smoking for good.

  • Join Stop Smoking Service – Local stop smoking services are available nationwide. These services are free and can help you to boost your chances of quitting smoking for good. You can access accurate advice and information to help you quit smoking. In addition to this, you can also gain access to professional support, such as one-to-one sessions or group stop smoking sessions.
  • Quit With A Friend – Quitting smoking does not have to be an individual experience. If you have a friend that is also looking to quit smoking for good, you can go through the process together. Attempting to quit smoking with someone else can create a support network. You can encourage one another and provide support as you go through the processes of not smoking.
  • Speak With Your GP – Your GP could help you quit smoking. They can enrol you into a stop smoking clinic or prescribe nicotine replacement therapy. These could be nicotine gum or patches for you to use.


What To Expect After Quitting

After quitting smoking, specific changes happen to your body. Most of these changes are positive improvements to your overall health. The longer you go without smoking a cigarette, the greater the health improvements are. These are a few of the improvements to your health that you will start to notice after you smoked, potentially, your last cigarette.

Improvement In Senses

Smoking can dull your sense of both taste and smell. It is due to nerve endings being impacted by smoking. After quitting smoking, you will notice an improvement in your sense of taste and smell. The nerve endings will begin to regenerate, which leads to your senses becoming stronger.

Reduced Blood Pressure

The nicotine contained in cigarettes can increase blood pressure. When your blood pressure rises, it raises your chances of stroke or heart attack. After smoking your last cigarette, within 20 minutes, your blood pressure will begin to normalise. The longer you go without smoking, your chances of a stroke or heart attack are also reduced.

Skin, Hair And Nails Appearance Improves

A common side effect of smoking is the staining it causes to a person’s nails and teeth. It can cause teeth and nails to stain with a yellow film and make a person’s skin appear dull. In addition to this, smoking can make your hair turn brittle. Once you have quit smoking, your blood flow will improve. This improvement will be noticeable in your skin’s appearance. The colour and condition of your teeth will also have a noticeable improvement.

The Bottom Line

Seeking support when quitting smoking can be tremendously beneficial. It can provide the support needed to avoid reaching for a cigarette. After quitting smoking, it is not just your health that benefits. You will also be protecting your loved ones from the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke.

Reaching this stage will likely be a challenging journey. You may encounter moments of temptation to fall back into old habits. You can avoid these temptations with the proper support and tools to help. Over time, you may find yourself no longer craving the nicotine satisfaction from a cigarette.