Rum Kitchen Shoreditch Review

Author: Kerry-Anne Jones

In usual British fashion, when the sun is out and the weather app reads high teens, it’s the time to go outside, soak up the sites that have been long missed, and pitch yourself a seat for some good food and refreshing drinks – which will keep flowing until the early evening. 

As I’m walking through the uber cool place that is Shoreditch, a strangely pleasant smell has traveled to my senses, luring me to find out what smells so good. Just a brief walk from Brick Lane, low and behold I find myself standing outside the Caribbean-inspired restaurant of Rum Kitchen in Shoreditch

Peering inside, the place oozes coolness in a refined manner. Nothing too shouty, just comfort and function is all you need when the food is that good. 

Shoreditch’s effortless cool essence is encapsulated in the interior with wood, concrete, and velvet textures running throughout. There’s a seat for everyone at the table with booths, bar seats, and tables. A place that takes you from day to night, enjoy a bite to eat, the best rum cocktails in the area – all accompanied by feel-good tunes.

Without having the pleasure of looking at the menu beforehand and already deciding what to eat, picking out what I wanted was going to be a difficult task. Subtly glancing at the tables around me to see what looks and smells good, I knew I had to get a bit of everything. 

Sharing is caring, so me and my food enthused friend tried the Jerk Chicken Bun, the Loaded Jackfruit Fries as well as the Proper Fried Prawns. Not only did the food taste good, but the smells and the look – if only Instagram allowed you to smell the food.

In a treat yourself mood, I got myself a cocktail. They had all the iconic drinks to choose from, many featuring rum, as well as some lesser well-known cocktail choices. When you’re at Rum Kitchen, you got to go for a rum drink. Going for the RK Punch, there was no better way than to quench my thirst with a twist.  

It’s hard to imagine not having one little bad thing to say about Rum Kitchen – only that it was a shame I couldn’t eat more!