The Top Perfumes Launched in 21/22

Choosing a new scent has always been a profoundly personal decision. When it comes to choosing a favourite smell, there are various factors to consider. When picking particular notes, the nostalgia element plays a big role and we’ve all heard that fragrance takes an hour or two to settle into your skin and smell the way it’s supposed to, depending on your body chemistry. 

If you’re looking to switch up your smell in 21/22, there’s never been a better time than when perfume houses are always releasing new scents. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most stylish, new scents to hit the market, ranging from sensual and musky to fresh and flowery, from some of the most well-known fashion and beauty companies. These are:

The Ébène Fumé by Tom Ford

Ébène Fumé, the latest fragrance from Tom Ford’s Private Combination perfumes line, is a sophisticated synthesis of aromas that also radiate a calming warmth when worn. It draws influence from ancient palo santo rituals, giving leathery notes among a blend of warm woods and energising herbs. A pleasant perfume is created by notes of fragrant rose that blend perfectly with African ebony wood and pine needles. It’s an overall earthy scent that’s perfect for the fall and winter seasons: elegant yet warm at the same time.

When the Rain Stops, Maison Margiela REPLICA

Rose petals, pine needles, and bergamot oil combine to create a pleasant perfume that resembles that of fresh rain. When it comes to applying this unisex fragrance, a little goes a long way. It starts off light and flowery, but as it lingers on the skin throughout the day, it changes into a stronger, more aquatic note. It’s a deep smell that’s perfect for this time of year when you want something more delicious.

The Jo Malone London Starlit Mandarin and Honey Cologne

A fresh, joyful flower scent for the winter that is thankfully gentle and not excessively candied. The honey heart note is quite delicate, combining flawlessly with the tart top notes of mandarin before being evened out by coumarin, the base note, which produces a soft milky tone. When we wore the essence, it brought up many celebratory images.

Mind Energy by The Nue Co

This wonderful, gender-neutral aroma will improve your mood and mental clarity. Mind Energy was designed with proprietary olfactory technology to activate cerebral pathways with a collection of blended notes to eliminate brain fog and boost alertness. 

The Nue Co. also managed to produce an attractive aroma that would appeal to people who like a variety of fragrance tones, including floral, earthy, green, and woodsy. Soft velvet is the foundation aroma, with juniper, pink peppercorn, and Egyptian geranium oil. The new vegan, plathate-free, and cruelty-free aroma are made with recycled and sustainable extracts gathered from community-focused initiatives all around the world.

St. Rose by Grand Larceny

This fresh, festive perfume is unisex and, quite honestly, appropriate for all seasons and times of the day. It’s floral with spice overtones, so it’ll appeal to individuals who want something a little more spirited than a simple flowery scent. Grand Larceny, the newest edition of the popular St. Rose Eau de parfum brand, was launched and revamped in December. The base note of recycled rose concentrate, which is shared with St. Rose’s sister fragrance, Vigilante, complies to clean beauty standards.

The Bulgari Le Gemme Empyr

The new Bulgari smell is cold and earthy at the same time, with a woodsy tint that is invigorating to the senses. The pyrite gemstone inspired the streamlined packaging, which signifies a sophisticated, genderless scent. The unisex perfume is stark and lingers for a long time. This time of year, on opulent winter evenings, it’s ideal.

The Ellis Brooklyn Après

Aprés is a richer, muskier perfume that conjures all of the Christmas feelings, conjuring visions of fresh snow surrounded by towering, evergreen trees rising to the cold sky. The woodsy notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli are tempered by notes of bourbon, vanilla, and soft suede, allowing it to be worn during the day as well as late at night. If you enjoy woodsy, spicy scents, you’ll be drawn to this one; it perfectly encapsulates these essences.

Bandit Supreme by Robert Piguet

With underlying notes of leather, oakmoss, and patchouli, the newly introduced Bandit Supreme is a tribute to the 1944 Robert Piguet scent Bandit. Mid notes of orange blossom and jasmine are present, as with faint hints of Tunisian neroli and galbanum. This is a full-bodied, gender-neutral smell that we think is best for evenings out.

The Victorine Dusted

Dusted is a seductive smell that leverages the power of terpenes and aromatic oils to excite your senses and boost your mood (and libido). African lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang combine to produce a gentle, airy fragrance that is undoubtedly appealing and may be worn day or night. This scent is not only beautiful in its simplicity, but it is also environmentally conscious, being cruelty-free, sustainably packaged, non-toxic, vegan, and phthalate-free. The ultra-feminine and enticing roll-on scent oil.

The Escentric Molecules

Patchouli fans will like this fragrance, which combines two patchouli traits to create a distinct scent while remaining true to patchouli’s purity. Patchouli Coeur, a gentle patchouli oil fraction with a camphor-like top note, and patchouli oil from Indonesia are the predominant components in this combination.

Flora Carnivora by Henry Rose

Finally, a seductive flower perfume for women who seek a feminine balance of sensual and fresh with no heaviness or too sweet undertones. Tuberose and white Neroli are found in the top notes, while luscious orange flower water is found in the base notes. Flora Carnivora uplifts and takes the senses to a wonderful paradise of flowers, which was the idea for the latest aroma from creator Michelle Pfeiffer.

Ombré Leather by Tom Ford.

In this appealing fall scent, notes of black leather, violet leaf absolute, orpur, and cedarwood combine with notes of black leather, violet leaf absolute, orpur, and cedarwood. The perfume is its own, combining smooth, fruity nuances of honeysuckle with lush jasmine sambac pure to capture the sensuality of the American West.

Vanilla Diorama by Christian Dior

This is a seductive, sweet smell that yet evokes all the autumnal emotions. The fragrance takes its name from the Diorama Gourmand dessert, an exclusive, handcrafted treat developed specifically for Dior by the famed restaurant Maxim’s of Paris. Vanilla Diorama contains an opulent blend of Madagascar vanilla, rum, and patchouli to kick it and balance out the smell, making it ideal for anybody looking for sweetness with a grown-up, appealing musk.

Alba by Caltus Artem

Alba by Cultus Artem is a lovely citrus perfume that is mild and still suited for fall. Geranium, magnolia bloom, red mandarin, and Italian lemon top notes are rounded out with beeswax, hay, and Jonquil flowers for a delicate, yet fascinating presence. Alba is devoid of parabens, organosulfates, phthalates, colour additives, and synthetic colours, much like the rest of Cultus Artem’s perfumes.


It’s time to remodel your distinctive aroma in the spirit of rebirth, and perfume producers have begun the process of supplying new scents that will colour your recollections of this time. So, how would you like your year to smell? Perhaps some citrus fruits? Is there a tinge of florals? A perfume with a dark, melancholy wood base? What about a glass of champagne? 


All of these notes, as well as others, may be found in the scents listed above. You can be sure of one thing as we get closer to 2023: there will be a lot more coming your way. So, to ring in and stand out from the rest, spray your inner wrist and neck with some spritzes. Furthermore, isn’t it everyone’s resolve to smell nice every year?