Spring Room Styles for 2022

If you are someone who likes to decorate their home along with the seasons, then you might have already been eyeing up what you can do for a new spring style if you have not already began making the changes.Spring is a great refresher season, where everything starts to come back to life, the cobwebs are brushed off and a sense of hope fills the air.

If you are looking to inject those spring vibes into your home, then read this piece for some style suggestions to transform your space.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

A classic style that is expected to make even more of an appearance in 2022 is something has been relatively popular in the past few years, with a special mention to lockdown. 

Bringing the outside in has been a popular move in making our spaces feel like an outdoor nature oasis and it only stands to stay up in the trend list for this year. 

Opting for luscious green colours, either with paint or accessories, gives the inside space a natural ‘outside’ vibe, yet is still helpfully away from the mosquitos and seasonal showers.

You should also add in some stunning live plants to anywhere there is a space for a jungle-esque feel. Opt for plants such as the Areca Palm which offers a beautiful, fresh tropical vibe to any home.


While the minimalist style took on a life of its own from 2020, there is definitely a new trend setting in of something that seems quite the opposite. Patterns such as stripes, checks, and bold curves are starting to make an appearance in homes to add a new and exciting schemes to rooms, and can transform a dull space into something modern almost instantly.

You can choose whatever patterns you like, and even use a mix of different styles to create something unique. Just make sure to not go too overboard if you do not want something really experimental.

Bold and Bright

Say bye to the grey this year, and switch the monochrome for some inspiring, light pastels. Bright and light colours can certainly make an impression in any home, and apparently this is the year not to hold back on creating a colourful masterpiece. Getting playful and embracing the maximalist trend is a quick-fire way to switch up your space to something unique and inviting. Be sure to check out any inspiration from online or style catalogues if you need an idea about where to go with this idea, but do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild and just give things a try.

Go Vintage

Say goodbye to brand new items, and start going into charity shops or raiding your parents loft for some antique gems – the vintage trend is in, and old is the new new. 

This is a special trend as not only do you give second-hand items a new home, but you can also decorate your space with items other people cannot just go and buy.