Benefits of IoT Sim Cards

Planning and working on an IoT project can be quite an overwhelming affair. It would involve various sorts of hardware choices, security decisions, industry strategy, and connectivity scope options among various others. The usage of IoT SIM can make the entire process facile. One way to achieve it is through making this small investment in advanced SIM. Even though these are not the same as available in smartphones, the result is pretty similar i.e. to obtain cellular connectivity. 

In the past few years, cellular IoT has gained huge recognition in the market. If we believe the experts, the projected market of IoT SIM card-connected devices is going to only witness a boom in the coming future. With the involvement of technology-driven IoT, there are numerous applications with the support of cellular connectivity. The diverse usage can be visualized from rural farming applications to high-end mobile supply chains. To be precise, the majority of IoT projects running across the globe are likely to fail without IoT SIM cards. 

How can IoT SIM cards be useful? 

Here are some of the core advantages of investing in IoT SIM cards for cellular connection projects. 

1. Coverage Range

Let’s consider a scenario where you’re only able to access the Internet connection while being in the range of home WiFi. It could be troubling, right? No matter, if the dependency on the internet is only to respond to messages or entire large businesses operations, the problem is with everyone. 

IoT SIM cards come as a worthy solution to such concerns. They can enable the devices to send or receive the data in coverage of the cell tower. In simple words, that is specifically anywhere across the globe. Thus, it can make the business operations facile without the need for big infrastructure investments. 

2. Device Security

IoT SIM cards come loaded with network authentication to avoid external threats to cellular networks. These act as an identifier verifying device authenticity to questionable networks. There were various other IoT connectivity alternatives, but those are lagging in the race of e-SIM security features.

Although there are several benefits of IoT-based eSIM technology, still hacking safety is one of the major ones. The IoT SIM card can be embedded in the device itself at the time of manufacturing. Thus the devices can get highly compact and with the best remote control capacity. 

3. Minimal or No Network Costs

Likewise, cloud technology and IoT SIM cards allow you to process your project without the necessity of owning network infrastructure. Hence, a huge investment cost is saved with the blend of IoT in cellular networks. Similarly, when you purchase a phone data or SMS plan, there is no need to pay for cell towers. All you need to pay is the data consumption every month. Since you’re able to rely on the network providers, the investment can be used in other productive areas like streamlining processes or inventing products. 

4. Global IoT Connectivity

IoT SIM cards are suitable tools to power up the wide range of IoT projects running at a small or large scale. For instance, the project can be a vineyard, a power plant, or even a metropolitan city. This opens the doors to new opportunities without worrying about the project’s feasibility. 

It even curbs out the geographical limitations of a business and allows virtual working in specifically any nation. No need to shift infrastructure or join new network providers. The global network coverage is covered using satellite and proves to be much cheaper as compared with any other alternative. 

Freeeway offers world-class M2M & IoT connectivity

Freeeway is a leading provider of SIM connectivity solutions & achieved huge recognition in the industry. Get access to IoT tariffs tailored to the business requirements. The partnerships with leading mobile network providers and global network coverage are what allow access to a diverse range of cellular connections. 

Affordable Data Consumption Pricing Model

Freeeway offers plenty of pricing plans for data and SMS services charged per MB or data bundles. With the availability of numerous IoT SIM card tariff models, the overall data and SMS charges get lowered as compared to market prices. The objective of the company is to deliver IoT connectivity everywhere and every time. 

The company provides the ease of IoT device and network connections to maintain the standard and simpler workflow. Irrespective of location, place, time, and infrastructure, IoT connections with mobile devices, their data bundles come with predefined consumption-based charges. 

White-label Connectivity Solution

The IoT-white label solution can allow diverse industries to sell the connectivity solution under their branding and earn additional revenue with minimal effort. Be it IoT worldwide SIM with 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, or IoT-cellular technology, there are a lot of options to choose from. The connectivity management platform also allows you to manage the M2M SIM cards. 

Thus, Freeeway emerges as a one-stop destination for IoT networks and SIM cards to succeed in the connected world.