New Alcoholic Ginger Beer Causes Strange Behaviour from Shoreditch Redheads

Mustachioed billboard in Shoreditch launches new alcoholic ginger beer

The iconic ginger tache stood there through October in anticipation of this week’s launch of Stone’s new alcoholic ginger beer – Ginger Joe! To support the launch, a series of YouTube videos have been released, starring three colourful characters who supposedly donated their own red hair to the billboard.

Meet Owain, who donated half his hair in a way that reminds us of a strange ode to two-face.

And another auburn haired angel, who (rather unfortunately) chose to donate her eyebrows…

Or this fiery haired philanthropist, who donated his ginger ‘love rug’:

Ginger Joe’s name comes form ‘Ginger’ Joseph Stone, mustachioed London greengrocer and founder of the noble house of Stone. Legend has it that Joe was fanatical about the tantalising taste of the ginger root and that his first ‘dip in the ginge’ circa–1740 produced a tipple that literally singed the tips of his tache – an image now immortalised on every bottle of Ginger Joe.

Stone are already highly experienced in the ginger drinks business and created the popular Stone’s Original Ginger Wine (no.1 in the UK) and Stone’s Special Reserve. With over 270 years of experience, they are feistily confident that they can squeeze the very best out of this most evocatively shaped root!

So what does everyone think of the billboard ? Would you donate your flaming barnet?

To find out more about Ginger Joe and its iconic hairy moustache, visit the brand’s Facebook page – You can also find out everything you want to know about Ginger Joe, including more imaginative serving tips than you can shake a tache at

That moustache belonged to the illustrious Joseph Stone – founder of Stone Brewing Co.
Please drink responsibly.
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