What These “Lips” Aren’t Saying

From a distance, they look like lips. Mouths with smeared lipstick or stained lips. Upon closer inspection we see that they are lips, but they’re also other things. Artist Christo Dagarov created each pair of lips differently.

Small or large, thick or thin, wide or narrow, dark or light. Within the usual constructs of the lips, there are trees with roots or cells with bars. Each pair draws the eye closer until you can discern what they’re made of. Dagarov makes you think about why these images are shown in lips. Does it have to do with what we say? Should we speak out about the environment, or freedom of speech, our oceans or pollution? Look at the images to see what these lips aren’t saying.


lips-03lips-02lips-10 lips-09 lips-08 lips-07 lips-06lips-01 lips-04

All artwork by Christo Dagarov: http://www.christodagorov.com/index.php