There Will Be Consequences

“Consequences” is an art collaboration between 10 international street artists, taking place in Shoreditch during London Art Week. The Showcase is going to be a unique gathering of the street artist joining together and creating under the same roof in London. The exhibition features 2501 (Italy), Broken Fingaz (Israel), EMA (France), Hin (Hong Kong), Millo (Italy), Ozmo (Italy), Pablo Delgado (Mexico), Pakal (UK), Run (Italy) and Zio Ziegler (USA). Alessia De Pasquale is the creator behind project and she explains how she was inspired by today’s digital era:

ADP: Everyone around me is constantly on a device, and that made me realise how much the way we share has changed; I felt many conversations were replaced by the digital entertainment that technology offers us.   consequences_04With the project, Alessia De Pasquale wants to research the importance of sharing and also question how we relate to each other when the technology has become a substitute for human face-to-face conversations.

ADP: That’s actually where the whole idea came from. After acknowledging that, I started to look into the most powerful sharing platforms: in particular, social media. It’s a fact that we are mainly sharing via the digital world, and this is changing drastically who we are. We are more and more connected, but in reality, more alone. I’m not against technology and I’m well aware of what amazing things this has brought to us but we must make the most of technology without losing ourselves. Street art has actually become the most dynamic and democratic form of sharing in the physical space, whilst simultaneously using the digital space as a platform for sharing with communities worldwide, so it has effectively finally found this balance between the physical and digital realm, by making the most of both forms of interaction.  I’m using this as a point of departure in putting together the project with the 10 street artists we’ve selected, in order to share and create unique collaborations, as the outcome of this experiment.

A: How did you get the 10 street artist to collaborate?

ADP: I gathered them in the same studio in London where they worked on new collaborative artworks on paper and wood, a sort of video interview/chat and photographs. All this will be shown at the exhibition. The video interviews will give you an insight to the artists’ personalities, beyond what we know about them artistically. It’s not only about the actual outcome but the process behind it.


A: What will happen during the showcase?

ADP: Alongside the artworks, projections and limited editions mugs we will put together workshops with Alternative London and other special events –more details will come soon.

A: Can you explain what you mean by “this project is an attempt to reconnect with sharing in the physical world“?

ADP: We want to sensitise the audience towards this current social issue, through showing the process behind each artistic creation. The artists have physically gathered from 6 different countries around the world to meet and collaborate from the first time. They shared their skills, their tips, their food, their stories, and their private life. The power of creating something real in the physical world will always be a deep and enriching experience. 


A: Giving the artists’ the framework for creating a series of works in collaboration based on the old paper “game of consequences”. What is the idea with that?

ADP:  The game of consequences is a game where words or images is randomly assembled by various players. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, folding the paper to hide the previous words or drawing before passing it to the next player. The outcome is unknown and can’t be directed, and the composition is then revealed to all by unfolding the paper.

A: Can you tell me more about the result of the showcase; artwork and filmed interviews?

ADP: We will be showing roughly 40 collaborative artworks on paper and on wood. The interviews will be projected, each artist has created an artwork that has been placed on a mug (a limited edition of only 10). We did this product because for me the teacup is a symbol of sharing. We also collaborated with Photographer Andi Galdi Vinko and will showcase some of her documentation of the project alongside the artworks.

“Consequences” will be shown in Hoxton Gallery on Kingsland Road from the 11th – 19th of October 2014 (16th-19th London Art week).

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