Interview With A Band: Eliza And The Bear

Eliza and the bear is James Kellegher, Callie Noakes, Martin Dukelow, Chris Brand and Paul Kevin Jackson. The promising London based indie rock band are heading towards a big headline UK tour and I got a chance to ask the singer James Kellegher some questions, like why there’s no Eliza in the band and who is really the bear?

Eliza And The Bear

 A: Tell me about Eliza and the bear. Who are you guys and how did you meet?

J: We’re all friends, our respective bands had all played gigs together. The local band seen was pretty cool, everyone knew everyone. Eventually we all grew up and out of those bands and into Eliza and the bear.

A: Who is Eliza and what does your name stand for?

J: Everyone thinks I’m a girl now, probably should have thought that one through. Eliza and the Bear is a collection of poems by Eleanor Rees. We really liked the name and asked her to use it!


A: Tell me about your first, big UK tour. What can London and the O2 Academy expect from you?

J: London is going to be a big milestone for us, it’s a hometown show, it’s the biggest headline show we’ve ever played. The whole tour is gonna be mental, we can’t wait!


A: Can you tell me about the video and song “Light it up”? What does it say to it’s audience?

J: Light it up is about making a positive change to a negative situation. It came at a time where I was having a pretty shit time and not writing anything decent, I decided to use that feeling as fuel.  The video follows that narrative. Two guys working pretty dull jobs but using dance to turn that frown upside down. I think every bin man should dance, that would make the world a better place.

See Eliza and the bear live in the Islington Academy on October 16th