SnipSell Let’s You Make and Market Your Own Ringtones


SnipSell is an online publishing and distribution platform for musicians and sound producers looking to make a name for themselves in the ringtone market. The service lets its artists sell ringtones on iTunes by uploading sounds of between 1-29 seconds from their iPhone to the SnipSell website, from anywhere in the world. After a quick review by the team which double checks format and content, the sound it sent straight to the iTunes Ringtone store.

The option of having your sounds distributed on the world’s most popular and wide-reaching ringtone platform means your tone has the potential to reach millions of iOS devices (iPhone, iPod or iPad). You could be strolling down the street one day and hear your very own creation ringing out from someone’s phone.

This is an Artist’s Secret.

Posted by SnipSell on Friday, 21 August 2015

SnipSell offers a great chance for you to tap in to your inventiveness. There is no limit on what your sounds should be – anything can be a ringtone, a text tone or an alarm if you think about it! A beep, a swoosh, your voice, your dog barking, your kettle boiling – even coughs, splutters and burps are fair game.

There’s a lot to gain from such a service – namely a decent cut of the money made on your tones. Moreover, SnipSell are very clear about the property rights of its members and contributors, making sure that you get the fairest return on your product. The service has two payment plans – a subscription plan and a free plan. On the free shared deal, you can reclaim 60% of the royalties received from sales of your ringtone. For the $19.99 a year subscription plan you earn 80% of royalties and have the option to choose year by year if you want to continue distributing your sound. In both cases, the option of cancellation is always available whenever you decide you’ve had your fair share of the ringtone market.

So why not give it a go? Use your creativity and tech-savviness to make a bit of extra cash, and who knows you could become a ringtone-making, alarm-creating superstar.