An app that’s revolutionising the way Londoners find activities and experiences they actually want to visit!

How many times have you faced the problem of spending hours trying to find the perfect activity to do. Whether it’s for a memorable date night, somewhere to go with friends or just a place to visit after work with your colleagues.  You end up spending so much time trying to find somewhere to go and booking it and by then the whole spontaneity has gone. That’s where the Livitay App comes in!

You know that London has a lot to offer but you often find it so difficult to actually find something to do. Livitay was created to streamline the process of discovering, searching, booking and paying for activities and experiences that young adults actually want to do.

Livitay allows you to search, discover and book for a whole range of recreational activities and experiences. Whatever you’re into Livitay has something for you, from rooftop crazy golf, to outdoor cinemas, to new exhibitions and therefore skipping all of the stuff you’re not that into…

How does it work?

Choose a category, select your preferred activity and then book it! It’s that simple

So next time you are lost for what to do with friends or need a last minute date idea, discover it on Livitay.

Download Livitay now on both the App Store and the Google Play Store