Considering Creating an App to Complement Your Business? Here Are the Hottest Trends of 2020 to Include

Are you looking for a new way for your business to be competitive? Does it feel as though your company may be getting lost amongst the competition either in-person or online? These are common problems businesses face, especially those that are small to medium size and often have a hard time matching the advertising that large companies can afford to invest in. But that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your visibility and customer base; sometimes it’s a matter of being more creative and offering some value-added incentives.

One value-added incentive that often proves to be extremely useful is to create an app that is meant to complement the business and its website. An app is all about convenience, allowing users to access it on their mobile device any time of the day or night and find the information they want. Apps can be strictly information-based, or they can be an extension of an e-commerce platform.

But before you just go creating any old app, here’s a look at some of the hottest trends in 2020 that you may want to include.

Mobile Commerce Continues to Trend

Here’s a trend that isn’t specific to 2020, rather it just continues to gain steam. Creating an app that features mobile commerce technology is huge right now, as it provides a convenience to users that can’t be matched. Of course, in order for it to be successful, the mobile experience needs to be just as smooth, fast, secure, intuitive, and feature-rich as the website is.

This is one of those trends that probably won’t stay optional for long. As more and more companies look to offer a mobile commerce experience, it will likely get to the point that in order to stay competitive, you’ll need to do the same. So, embracing it now can save you from losing out on potential customers.

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in the App

If you had heard about this trend 10 years ago, it would be hard to imagine it as mainstream nowadays, but that’s exactly where the tech has gone. Today, users expect a lot from their apps, and integrating some forms of artificial intelligence is certainly trending right now.

As for what features you can include in the app, things such as speech recognition, face detection, image recognition, predictive maintenance, and image classification are all great examples.

The Use of Augmented Reality

Obviously, the use of augmented reality (AR) isn’t going to apply to every single app out there, but if there is a way that it makes sense for your app, it’s a trend worth embracing. Again, it goes back to being competitive and not playing catch-up, rather staying ahead of the curve to set your business apart from others. There are some really exciting and imaginative ways to use AR in an app, so it’s worth giving thought to and making sure you’re taking full advantage of the technology.

A really simple example could be a business that sells makeup. The AR technology can be used to virtually apply the makeup to the person’s face so they get an idea of what products they like. This same idea can be used for a clothing company and so forth.

Make it Compatible for Wearable Devices

When it comes to mobile technology, wearable devices are really dominating the market right now. This is a trend that many are predicting will continue into the next few years, so with that in mind, creating an app that works for a wearable device makes good sense. It is high-tech, in-demand, and can certainly set you apart from the competition – in fact, you could be ahead of the curve with this tip.

Don’t Tackle It on Your Own

As a final note, it’s important to bring in the experts where app creation is concerned. You need experienced professionals that can help guide you on what works and what doesn’t, what users are looking for, how to ensure there are no bugs or flaws, and of course how to create a design that is user-friendly and effective.

Appetiser is a professional app development company that works with businesses on an individual basis to ensure you don’t get a cookie-cutter app, rather you get one that works for your company’s specific needs. They keep the target user in mind and develop products that will appeal to that market. You can speak to them about some of these trends and look for ways to weave them into your creation.

A Small Look at the Current Trends

This is just a small look at the many trends that are occurring right now among app development and creation. Ideally, you want to cherry-pick the trends that would best apply to your business and your target market.